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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Revival meetings for 2017 Pastor Kim Yong Doo in USA for March

Revival in the USA (March~April)

1. Atlanta, Georgia
Date : March 16(Thu) ~ 19(Sun) Thu~Sat 8pm / Sun 3pm
Church: The Lord's Church of Georgia
Address : 3751 Venture Dr. #260B, Duluth, GA 30096
Phone : (678) 862-9329
Email : tlc110914@gmail.com
Contact : Pastor Elijah Park

2. San Francisco, California
Date : March 23(Thu) ~ 26(Sun) Thu~Sat 8pm / Sun 1pm
Church : Fire of God Ministries
Address : 43130 Osgood Rd. Fremont, CA 94539
Phone : 1 (209) 607-1596
Email : steve.kim3@gmail.com
Contact : Pastor Steve Kim

3. Los Angeles, California
Date : March 30(Thu) ~ April 2(Sun) Thu~Sat 8pm / Sun 2pm
Church : The Lord's Church of America
8611 Roland St. Suite F, Buena Park, CA 90621
Phone : (714) 388-7736
E-mail : us2fire@yahoo.com
Contact : Pastor Sung Cho
(Please register for free : e-mail or text us and simply leave your name and how many will attend)
(Walk-in is also welcomed)
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Pastor Kim Yong Doo - You need to bear fruit of the Spirit

Galatians 5:16-26 (AMP) But I say, walk habitually in the [Holy] Spirit [seek Him and be responsive to His guidance], and then you will certainly not carry out the desire of the sinful nature [which responds impulsively without regard for God and His precepts]. 17 For the sinful nature has its desire which is opposed to the Spirit, and the [desire of the] Spirit opposes the sinful nature; for these [two, the sinful nature and the Spirit] are in direct opposition to each other [continually in conflict], so that you [as believers] do not [always] do whatever [good things] you want to do. 18 But if you are guided and led by the Spirit, you are not subject to the Law. 19 Now the practices of the sinful nature are clearly evident: they are sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality (total irresponsibility, lack of self-control), 20 idolatry, sorcery, hostility, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions [that promote heresies], 21 envy, drunkenness, riotous behavior, and other things like these. I warn you beforehand, just as I did previously, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. 22 But the fruit of the Spirit [the result of His presence within us] is love [unselfish concern for others], joy, [inner] peace, patience [not the ability to wait, but how we act while waiting], kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24 And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature together with its passions and appetites. 25 If we [claim to] live by the [Holy] Spirit, we must also walk by the Spirit [with personal integrity, godly character, and moral courage—our conduct empowered by the Holy Spirit]. 26 We must not become conceited, challenging or provoking one another, envying one another.
Apostle Paul is making us answer a serious question through the Word of God. In the midst of difficulty, we become believers of Jesus and become saved. We then build our faith. But due to our mistakes, foolishness, and ignorance, we can shipwreck our faith that would lead us to salvation. Apostle Paul is casting a question to us. There are certain things that will prevent us from inheriting the kingdom of God. This is a very fearful statement. There are certain manifestations shown through our bodies. The Word of God is hinting to us that our spiritual areas could possibly be shattered through our physical bodies. Can sexual immorality have power to cancel our salvation? What about filthiness and sensuality (see above definition)? Some people are curious about sensuality. Some desire and covet that relates to sensuality (total irresponsibility, lack of self-control). If these people continue in such way, what kind of influence will come to their salvation? Idolatry, if we worship some kind of idol, what kind of fatal damage will strike our salvation and faith lives? Disputes, do you have any unresolved issues with anyone? Are you still holding a grudge against someone? Are you failing when it comes to having relationships with other people and personal relationship/friendship with other people? It is the same with dissension, arguing, envious, jealousy, fits of anger, and forms of faction. People who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

When some kind of gap is created within you and I or between you and someone else, through that gap, some kind of impact will occur and escalate. Think about a bad impact. There are moments when something stirs up inside and our flesh reacts. It is because Satan is working within us. Although, I am very gentle and nice to the church people, I am a very difficult father in my household. When I handle my children strictly, my children’s feeling and emotions get hurt. Still, we must not give any gap to Satan even when it comes to our emotion and feelings. Every one of you are all precious people of God who possess a mission and the calling of God. You may create trouble and make problems, then it will be great if you demolish and crush that part of you that creates trouble and make problems. But many times, people are stubborn. Satan works through the opportunity that was given through our flesh. When this occurs, what kind of impact and how much impact will it affect our faith and salvation? Here is a fearful statement.  

“I warn you beforehand, just as I did previously, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

We must not practice such things. One important truth is that all types of sin will damage us. All types of sin include the element that will lead us to death. Therefore, the people of Jesus must crucify the sinful nature together with its passion and appetites. I believe, this dying process is something that we must carry out until the day we die. The desires of flesh comes against the desires of the Holy Spirit. Everything that is created within our flesh always prevent us from the things that God desires to carry out through us. These two forces are coming against each other. God desires us to carry out our mission and given work.

When we are led by the Holy Spirit we are no longer under the Law. The church in Galatians were built with great difficulty and effort. Apostle Paul said to the Galatians, “All your work and effort are not in vain. But there are things that may make your work in vain. The counterfeit messages, counterfeit ministries, things that can make you corrupted, the things that makes your faith vain and so on.”

What can cancel your salvation? The things that comes out of your flesh will cancel your salvation. Everything that is coming out from your flesh will fatally damage the spiritual work.

As time passed, the church, once filled with the Holy Spirit gradually became weak. When the church became spiritually weak, the people became satisfied just by attending church. People no longer cared whether they possess the power of the Holy Spirit with His authority or not. The church became irrelevant to the spiritual battle. The Galatians church had a problem. Everyone has their personal characteristics, personality and traits. The people of Galatia paid a heavy price obtaining faith. But later on, their hearts gradually changed. Their idea of obtaining and completing salvation became very easy. They began going toward the way of Judaism.

At first, Paul built and established the church with the power of the Holy Spirit. All the churches that are built by Apostle Paul began manifesting bad symptoms. The churches began to be obsessed with Judaism and the Law. Therefore, Apostle Paul once again preached to the churches regarding the work of the Holy Spirit. The church may have been built and established in the midst of difficulty and much effort but if people make fleshly mistakes and carelessness act, the church and their salvation can be damaged. In theory, it may seem like it is impossible for us to damage our salvation, but in reality, it is a different story. If you commit adultery, you will not inherit the kingdom of God. If you burst in anger, you will not fulfill the will of God. When Moses did not represent the holiness of God, his mission had ended. But because he repented, at least, he was saved. But for us, we are living in the days where we may obtain many chances and forgiveness only if we properly repent even if we have angered ten or twenty times. Even though we sin many times, only if we properly repent before God, God will restore us. Although we may be living in such days, we have to be cautious because the eyes of God observes everything in us. If we think, ‘Well, I can always repeatedly repent’ and sin carelessly, God will know our thought and hearts.

As we live in this world, we will encounter some kind of situation. Depending on how we handle our situation, our faith and the content of such faith will be changed. Also, the quality of a person can be changed. There are contents within us but that content can be damaged because of someone. Our contents and faith can be influenced. When we are influenced, there will be two ways path to choose from. There is the good way and the other way in which we will commit sin. In order for things that are in our hearts to come out and be revealed, we need to encounter some kind of situation.

God tested Abraham. “Give me your son, Isaac. Go to Mount Moriah. Cast away your son Ishmael and Hagar.”

God continuously tested and asked from Abraham. When we encounter such situations, things that are hidden within us will be exposed. When we encounter such situations, will our faith be properly activated according to that reality or not? Even if people are given the same type of test and situation, because their trait and characteristics are different, they will react differently. Even if my wife and I look at some kind of problem, because our perspective is different and our ability to think is different, we may end up arguing. When we encounter certain situations where you and the other party has a different perspective, how can you guys overcome the difference? Will you overcome the situation with an argument? Or will you yield to the other party? Will you agree somehow and acknowledge the difference with the grace of God? Will you gently persuade the other party with the grace of God? We all need the wisdom of God in these areas.

A person may possess the power of God. But how can you know if such a person has properly received it through the proper method? Moreover, what kind of process or method? You may observe a person for a long period of time. Does he/she consistently manifest the will of God with humility for a long duration of time? Does he/she live according to the will of God? Based on these factors, the person may be revealed and approved. Someone may come to you one day and show you the power of God but please do not only look at the power. You must also continuously observe the person as much will be revealed.

We must learn to discern the difference between the holy gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. When a gift is granted and manifested, you will be able to utilize it right away. But when it comes to the fruit of the Holy Spirit, you may not see it right away. People who have received the holy gifts can possibly become corrupted. When it comes to the fruit of the Holy Spirit, time is required to determine if one is bearing it. You need to observe the characteristic and the personality of the person to see if these areas have bore the fruit of the Holy Spirit. How much fruit has the person bore when it comes to love? How much joy does the person possess? How well is the persona a peacemaker with the other people? It is more important whether you possess the fruit of the Holy Spirit or not rather than you possessing holy gifts. It is difficult to pray but when we carry out the will of God, God will recompense ten, hundred, and a thousand times.

Jesus had led His disciples to utilize the disciple training method. Jesus preached the Word of God and many other things during the day time. But because they needed to be taught on the teaching of Rehma, the Lord prayed each night and He had desired His disciples to join Him. But when it comes to the area of Rehma, it was difficult to be properly trained for the disciples. They were more easily trained in the area of Logos. Sometimes, the Lord would train them using some awkward assignment which they were not used too. The Lord had sent all His disciples away by themselves. Then the Lord walked on the water in the middle of the night when the wind and wave was most severe. In such a situation, the Lord tried to draw out the Rehma within them and train them to only focus the Lord. This training is the training to perform the miracles of the Lord. But the disciples could not carry it out properly.

We may all go through a similar type of training and experience with the Holy Spirit. The process of becoming the image of Jesus and bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit will not be easy for all of us. When we go through the training of discipleship and as we experience the Holy Spirit, the purpose is not to boast and show our righteousness. As we receive more grace from God, more training, and as we develop as closer relationship with God, it is not increasing our power but, possessing a stronger passion and personality in denying ourselves.

“I am nothing. Everything is done by the Lord.”

We must express this statement in such a way as often as possible.

When we continuously say, “I AM NOTHING! THE LORD HAS DONE EVERYTHING!”

We will not be cast away so quickly but will be utilized for a long time. If we are not filled with the Holy Spirit, we will not be able to be properly trained as His disciple. When it came to the disciples of Jesus, they had finished their “program of discipleship.” But their training had not fully completed because the last course in discipleship was to follow Jesus and die. And they all had ran away when Jesus was captured.  

Even in the midst of their training by Jesus, the disciples doubted, argued, envied, were jealous, and one even betrayed Him in the end. When Jesus was captured, the condition of the disciples went back to their original condition before they had begun disciple training with Jesus. But still, Jesus visited and restored them. The Lord explained why they had become such a way. The reason was that they were not filled with the Holy Spirit. Unless they waited on the promised Holy Spirit and received the Holy Spirit, they could not become true disciple of Jesus. The more we become the disciples of Jesus, the more we must deny ourselves and we must properly follow Him. When the disciples had finally received the Holy Spirit and were filled with the Holy Spirit, they had become true disciples and apostles of Jesus. They finally began to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit. If you are truly filled with the Holy Spirit, your character, personality and nature will transform and change. The Holy Fire is not the most important aspect if there is no fruit of the Holy Spirit. Even if you impart and you are a minister of the holy fire, but if your character and personality has not changed, your impartation will not edify the other party. Especially, when it comes to the ministering of the holy fire, you must be transformed and changed even more. You must never argue with people. You must be very cautious of the people whose character and personality that has not changed. Please fix your weaknesses. When people come to the Lord’s Church, God reveals their weaknesses and shortcoming. When these things are revealed, please fix them.

Pastor Kim Yong Doo

You look spiritual but are you really mad at God?

Matthew 13:20-21 The seed on the rocky soil represents those who hear the message and immediately receive it with joy. But since they don’t have deep roots, they don’t last long. They fall away as soon as they have problems or are persecuted for believing God’s word.

Seeds that falls on to rocky soil, what does it mean? I think most of us who are not farmers picture this passage as a ground with lots of big and small rocks that are laying on top of the surface. But the context of a rocky soil is where there is top soil but below the top soil is a bed of rocky sediments. Picture it as having three inches of top soil and below the three inches of top soil is hard stones and a bed of rocks.

With three inches of top soil, the seed will at first sprout roots and begin to grow. But as it grows bigger, the roots will hit the rocky bed and the roots will send its energy upwards. This energy is just emotions.

Many Christians when they hear a word, correction, blessing, or rebuke may at first be very excited to follow such instructions accordingly. Such Christians who have rocky soil can appear very enthusiastic and in fact very spiritual. As the seed sprouts and grows, when the roots grow down and hit hard rock, it's energy will go up and the plant will appear to be growing very fast and enormous.

Spiritually, such Christians as the roots send its energy upwards, "plant appearing to be growing fast and enormous" may on the surface appear very spiritual with strong spiritual gifts. Such Christians may be observed as "got it together," "appear very passionate during worship or service time," appear very dedicated," "looks like they are singing and worshipping with all their heart and soul," and may even manifest physical symptoms of spirituality. But in realty, what they attempt to have other perceive is not what they walk on a personal level. When difficult tests or tribulation comes, they instantly wither away to their fleshy ways. As scripture says, they do not last long once problems arise. Any joy or happiness is usually short lived and only for a moment.

What does the hard rocky sediment represent that prevents roots from growing deep? The hardness is their hearts. On the surface, such Christians want to do right but unless they address the deeper problems of their hearts first, the roots can never grow deep. They want the short cut. They want the best of both worlds. They want to keep their unforgiveness, hate, anger, resentment, and such as they try to serve God. Such carnal nature is the hard rocky soil.

Why can't Christians get rid of such carnal hearts? I see a common denominator with many Christians that have a hard time receiving their full reward and finding victory. What is their common denominator? This is not to say all such Christians have this particular issue but maybe they do. I see they are still MAD at God. They are mad because they continue to ask why God allowed them to be hurt, abused, or received the short end of the stick to life. If not mad at God, then they are mad at people from their past.

Such hard rocky soil represents their hardened hearts of blaming and being mad at God. In fact, blaming becomes a natural tool in their defense as it becomes everyone else's fault. This is the first thing they should be addressing rather than trying to appear "spiritual" and looking as though having it "all together."

Pastor Steve

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pastor Kim Yong Doo - dream about last days

***Could this be the prelude of the end?***

Matthew 24:42, 44 “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. / Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

Ah! Last day, Again??
This last week and two days ago, I delivered the message about our position and indication regarding our faith. The content or body of the message was the same as usual but this time, I preached and approached in a different spiritual angle of view and feeling.

In the Bible, the book of Acts chapter ten, Peter visited the household of Cornelius. The main content of the story is that when Peter delivered the message, the Holy Spirit poured down upon them. When I preached this part of the story, I had preached the message in a state of joy as I was deeply soaked in a overflow of anointing.

I began cleaning up the areas of my house that were left undone for awhile. My wife, Deaconess Eun, and Youth Pastor Lim were babysitting my grandchildren as they took turn. I left them behind and went to church. After the service, when I had come back home, they had all left to the spa salon to use the dry sauna to recover from their fatigue.

In these days, the most popular topic among the Korean people is with the president of Korea on her particular problem. It has been broadcasting daily, and therefore I turned on the TV and began watching the news. But as soon as began watching, within an instant, I became very tired and sleepy. Oh, what? I got so sleepy that it felt like as though I had taken a sleeping pill. I softly closed my eyes and feel into a deep sleep. I believe it was about 4:00 a.m in the morning.

It has been a while since I had received a dream about the last days. Through the spiritual dream, the sign of the last days, disasters that are coming for the last days within the earth, and the mark of the beast 666 which is the representation of the Anti-Christ were shown to me in the panoramic view. Everyone is curious about mark of the beast, 666. I believe I woke up about three or four times. But each time when I went back to sleep, the last days dream continued with a new scene. My wife had come home around 7:30. The panoramic dreams continued right up until my wife came home. I was trembled by the fear of the last days dreams. Therefore, I prayed to the Lord facing down on my bed. My heartbeat was not calming down so easily.
Four phenomenons of last day
First Dream,

The highest and tallest building on the earth is a skyscraper in UAE Dubai. The building is 3280 ft. The countries are frantic about building higher skyscraper. The Lord gave me a dream regarding one of the signs of the last day. A tidal wave that appeared higher than a thousand ft, unmeasurable, and unimaginably high overwhelmingly approached toward me. Even more scarier was that the tidal wave sounded like some kind of eerie monster wailing. The wailing was tearing up the sky and the sound gradually came toward me. The sound of the hurricane was like the sound of an evil spirit… Ah! There is no way I was able to avoid such an extraordinary tidal wave and the wave that was taller than the tallest mountain.

I thought, “My life will end today!” As soon as I thought about about my life ending, the wave fell upon me. The moment when I thought I was dead, I realized that I was still alive. My whole family and the church members were all still alive and i was amazed. In the midst of tribulation, we were all protected. This applies to the other holy fire church members. I inhaled and exhaled. Then I woke up from my dream.

Second Dream

As soon as I woke up from the first dream, I fell straight back into the second dream. This time, I heard even a greater thundering like sound. This was the earth’s crustal moments. The ground overlapped and collided. The sound of the ground colliding began resounding all over the world. The earth opened up and it was happening all over the regions. The fire gushed out from the inside of the opened earth. All the buildings were crumbling down. Countless number of people fell and disappeared into the earth as they screamed. Ah! How can I ever explain such a cursed and tragic scene? Where I had stood was not affected. Not one stone was left on top of another but all were demolished. But our holy fire team members lasted to the end. We were all alive.
Third Dream
The last day dream continued as I repeatedly slept and woke up. When I woke up between the continuous dreams, I took a breath for a moment and went back to sleep. First, second, and third dreams continued. In my third dream, our holy fire team members were moving toward a special place. I felt like the holy fire ministry team members were the only survivors on the earth. Then the scene instantly changed.

All ages and countries had been frightened by the mark of the beast 666. Many had been expecting, speculating, and frightened by the mark of the beast 666. In this scene, the mark of the beast 666 suddenly appeared on the stage. One thing that caught my attention was that anyone who had received the mark of the beast 666 untied themselves as one. It did not matter if they were from any country, nation or race. It transcended pass borders and cultures to all. They began searching for the people who had not received the mark of the beast 666 and they somehow knew how to find them. The method of finding and capturing the people who had not received the mark was very unique. One of the methods was to dispatch little children and let them roam around. When the people who had not received the mark of the beast 666 felt sorry for the little children and tried to help the children by approaching them, the soldiers who have received the mark of the beast 666 suddenly appeared. The soldiers dragged the christians who had not received the mark. People who were close to us, people who we had known for a while, our unbeliever family members, and all other people came against the christians and us. My family members, church members, and I were exposed at a certain location.

The little children that were dispatched from the Anti Christ forces shouted as they looked upon us, “Here! Another people who does not have the mark of the beast 666 are hiding here!”

Therefore, we fled and moved to another place. In the process of moving, and in the process of the people with the mark endlessly chasing us, I had beaten up and chased away few of their subordinates.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, “Do not confront them with your physical strength but you must confront them with the holy fire!”

Therefore, I shouted, “Holy fire!” The Holy Fire came out of my mouth and the Anti Christ forces were burned. The things that are only possible for us to discern with spiritual eyes are already approaching very closely. At first, the mark of the beast 666 wasn’t forced into people. It even looked very democratic. It looked like everyone had freedom to choose. But as time passed and as time went toward, in the latter part, the mark was forced upon people with threat. The mark of the beast was approached to the people as a tattooing design method. This process was very quick, easy, and convenient. But unlike a physical tattoo, there was no trace of receiving it on the skin.

In the midst of all that were happening, the scene changed and we entered into the days of calamity. The seven bowl judgements and the seven trumpet judgments had begun which are written in the book of Revelation. Pastors and commentaries may have different opinions but the one truth is that calamity will occur and this will be a historic truth. The important question is whether this will all happen within our generation or not? With the mark of the beast 666, various judgement and calamity will begin as the sky and the earth are cursed.
The fourth dream

Once again, I woke up from the dream. I sat down to calm my heart. I then fell into a deep sleep again. It has been a while since I have fallen into the deeper realm of dreaming to receive a revelation.  

In the midst of my dream, I began to hear the voice of the Lord. “In the future, there will be a test to reveal whose confession of faith are genuine or false. For those who are alive, they will encounter the era that will be very difficult to endure!”

After I had heard the statement of the Lord, all members of the holy fire ministry teams, including pastors and their congregation members were seized by the people who had received the mark of the beast 666. Currently, in our comfortable situations with a lot of freedom, we easily confess that we love the Lord at anytime and anywhere as we desire. In the future, we will have to give up our lives in order to prove our faith. In the dream and in the scene, the day of the two witnesses had come. The day that was written in the book of Revelation. The people with the supernatural power had appeared. This era was the era that the servants of fire will manifest the fire of God such as prophet Elijah and John the baptist. These fire servants will manifest God’s fire from the heaven and the earth. But at the same time, Satan and his forces will draw fire like us, but their fire will be counterfeit. It is like the battle between Moses and Pharaoh with Jennes and Jambres who were magicians. All the holy fire ministry team members were captured. My church members, family members, all the holy fire members as I were seized and dragged to a wide opened field. At this place, I saw who were already being martyred by the beheading. Their heads were every where. The place was packed with all of people and they were waiting to die. At this place, I saw some of my family members, some of my church members, people who had condemned and critiqued me as a cult, people who had harassed me, and countless number of other servants of God. Satan’s subordinates had their deadly sharp blades in their hands. They mocked and cursed at me.

“Hey Pastor Kim, Yong Doo! You bastard! You have escaped and avoided our schemes so very well! Hahaha, but you have now been caught! You were caught by our network! You bastard! If you deny Jesus and follow us, we will spare your family, church members and so on! It will be fine, you guys will not need to receive the mark of the beast 666. We will still let you guys live without it. Therefore, deny Jesus! Now!”

In my dream, I became a little more confident. I did not say a word. The atmosphere became very quiet but things were happening very fast. Then one of the subordinates of the devil took off all my clothes and I was naked. I was exposed and humiliated. The subordinates began yelling at me. Depending on how I would answer, everyone who were standing and watching around me would live or die.

I began sing, “Amazing Grace” with tears. “Amazing grace how sweet the sound, it saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I’m found once blind but now I see…” I gave my song to the Lord. I sang all five paragraph of song. As I was singing, I had to face and endure all kinds of shameful treatment by the forces of the devil. But I am amazed by the confidence that were created inside of me. Such a grace granted by the Lord. At the end, they could not wait any longer, therefore, they kneeled me down and aimed one of their blade toward my neck. In that moment, they were about to behead me and suddenly the gate of heaven opened as it made a thunderous sound. God’s glory had appeared. Jesus appeared at the very scene where we were. All of the people who were in the scene were on their stomachs and still. As still as a dead body. The Lord protected my family members, church members, and all the holy fire ministry members. Not one of their hairs were touched. The suffocating and straining scene of this continuous panoramic vivid dream had overwhelmed my whole body. The dream started at 4:00 a.m until 7:30 p.m in the morning. When my wife and daughter had come back home from the spa salon, my dream ended.

As they heard my testimony of the dream, we all promised the Lord that we will be loyal and faithful to the Lord to the very end. We are preparing and planning the next year revival meetings during these days. But Satan visits my home and continuously attacks my body like a tidal wave. Satan tormented my body and gave me a hard time to the end. Everything is done by the grace of the Lord. I will endure to the end with the grace of the Lord. Hallelujah!
Pastor Kim Yong Doo

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The prolonged war of faith by Pastor Kim Yong Doo Numbers 26:1-7

When you are admitted to college, you will have to choose a curriculum. There will be major courses for you to choose regarding your major and related classes to your future career. There will be general education classes and classes of major.

If you are a college student, you may have a concern, such as, “What major will benefit me for the future? What major must I choose to help my life?”

There will be courses you may choose from and there will be courses in which you must take in order to graduate. The courses are divided by general education classes and major courses. Depending on what kind of major you choose, you may obtain a career and some kind of professional knowledge accordingly. Through completing the required courses, you will obtain college credits and be able to graduate. This is also how our faith life is like. You must remember that suffering, tests, and trials are required courses for christians to complete.

When we carry out our faith lives, we encounter hardships. When we encounter such situations, God will express to us that he loves us very much. As we go through hardships, we will realize that we will go through certain courses in our lives.

We may have thought, ‘Why am I going through this difficulty? Why is such a test upon me?’

When unexpected events occur, why does it occur? Sometimes, when we encounter certain tests or events, we will not be able to understand the reason but we know that God loves us very much. When we try to transform and struggle against sin to fix ourselves, Satan will not let you easily change.

Satan will say, “Hey! Just live passively!’

We must completely be alert! When your children disobey and give you heartache, you must intensively pray in the Spirit so that your children can live spiritually. If you are children whose parents do not possess a proper relationship with God, you must lead the situation with prayer and faith so that your parents will transform and live a life of faith. When we become more alert and awakened to live lives of faith, something happens.
Let us repeat together, “When we try to live spiritually, we will begin to be disciplined.” Hallelujah! Let me express this differently. We will be in the boot camp training.

You will fervently be trained for period while you are at boot camp, You will be trained in all areas. You will be trained on how to stand in a straight line. How to march forward and backwards? How to salute, and much more. You will be trained one by one. Before you are admitted to the army, you will have lived your life as you had desired. But once you are admitted to the army, control and regulation will begin. The first thing the army will do to you is to shave your hair very short. You will only be allowed to wear a military uniform. You operate in close-order drills. You will be trained in respect to your superior officers and brotherly love for your colleague. When you are more disciplined and placed in proper order, little more advanced training will begin. You will be trained on how to shoot a gun. The army will not train you on how to shoot a gun when you first come arrive. Utilizing a gun is considered extremely dangerous. If you are not properly trained first, you will possibly wound others. When you have mastered on using a gun, the training to kill will begin. In case you run out of bullets, you will be trained in hand to hand combat. You will be trained to obey in all areas. The soldier's life and death depends on their mental strength as well. Therefore, they will be trained to strength their mentality. All the soldiers will have to sleep at the same time, wake up at a same time, eat at a same time, and you will not even be able to go to the bathroom whenever you like. You will be trained to become sharp and carry out things with simplicity and clarity

The Israelis had become degraded slaves of Egypt. Now, the Israelis are about to enter the land of Canaan and to conquer it. But, they have not been properly trained. They have their own imagination and delusion of what could be awaiting for them. With this kind of attitude and thinking, they had come out of Egypt. Of course, the Israelis had came out as they witnessed God’s miracle and power. But their personality, character, and the things in their hearts were not filtered. Therefore, they were not prepared.

Once God gives you some type of His power, you must follow without any condition. Through the discipline of the wilderness, the Israelites were made into God’s army. This process was shown through the particular tribes of Israel. With what type of method do you pass and overcome suffering and hardship? No one voluntarily desires suffering and hardship. We are God’s precious children. You will not fully understand how much our God loves us and how He values us. Even though we are God’s precious and valuable children, if God does not discipline and train us, we will be useless. We must be disciplined and trained. If we are not disciplined and trained, we will become rubble. Like a troublemaker, you will wander around. If your body is excessively entrenched with bad habits, it will be difficult for you to become a proper soldier in any christian group. You have seen some of the people like this. People like this may come to a church but never really become one with the church. This type of people will not be properly restored or healed. These type of people continuously talk about their own idea, thinking, and so on. The church is like an army or a ship. In order for a ship or an army to function properly, it has to become one as it move forward. If you are a person with your own ideas, thinking, and opinion, God will discipline you. You must put all your own things down.

When it comes to doing God’s work, you will need wisdom. When you are disciplined, you must first think, ‘Why am I being disciplined?” You may have realized, “Oh, I still have unfixed personality and my own ideas and thoughts.

You may be the person who always collide with other people. The reason why you are colliding with others is because your own ideas and thoughts are too distinctive. If you do not change your own ways, you will be considered nothing but rubble. A robble is  useless stones. You must be trained to become a soldier who is one with an army. Now, closely look at the Israelis, they would not become one. They continuously lived as rubble. After you are completely trained from boot camp training and after they have passed the whole training process, they will be placed in certain branches of the army. The trained soldiers will be asked if they have any skills or expertise. What they are good at? Do they have any kind of special license? Do they have a driver’s license? What kind of religion are they? Depending on all these conditions, you will be placed in certain positions as well. If a person is healthy, tall, smart, and properly well trained in guerrilla training, such a person has possibility of being scouted.

In the last days, God had sent us to this earth. There are types of people in which God will powerfully utilize in the spiritual area. These types of people are always optimistic, alway have faith, always positive, comforts people who are anxious, always ready to help others, approaches people with an open heart, and a people whose faith is alive. These types of people are precisely picked by God to be utilized. At the same time, there are people who always resents, complains, grumbles and are irritated. God will not pay attention to these types of people. These types of people will live and finish their lives like rubble. Therefore, we must pray that we do not become like rubble. There are many rubbles that are on the ground and the streets. There are so many people in the world who live their lives as they desire. They live their lives as they please. But we are a people who believe in Jesus. For us, suffering is not an option but it is essential.

In today’s chapter, you will see God telling Moses to count the people. The first census took place in chapter one before they had entered the wilderness. Before the wilderness, the training had began. After the Israelis had passed the wilderness and finished the wilderness training, the second census took place in chapter twenty six. In today’s scripture, after completing the training in the wilderness, between the two census, the Israelis had received extreme difficult training, suffering, hardship, discipline and judgment. So many events had happened. When the Israelis committed adultery, 23,000 were killed by God. The people had died when the Israelis came against Moses. The Israelis were killed for worshiping idols.

Whenever we witness someone else’s judgment or discipline, we should be strongly touched and think in such a way, ‘Why did that person died?’

We will want to know the reason. “Oh! That person was prideful and did certain things!” Nadab and Abihu offered the wrong kind of fire and were killed by God. When the Issachar tribe committed adultery with the Moabite women, most of them were killed by God. This tribe was strong like a wild donkey and they were good at fighting. They could not severe their lustfulness. When we try to completely transform, and right before some kind of change is about to occur, a great test will come to you. When we are newly determined and attempt to do something good, Satan will attack us.

When the wilderness was almost finished, as discipline and training were almost completed, the Israelis became better in spirit, mental, and physical. Now at this level, they knew better on why the other Israelis were judged and killed by poisonous snakes and why many of the other tribes, brothers, and parents were judged and killed. They had witnessed all these events. As they had witnessed and experienced, they were spiritually trained, mentally strengthened, and physically strengthened. They had become an army. They were at the edge of training in the wilderness. After we are properly disciplined and trained, we will become a complete different people. We will become an army of God. When we finally becoming an army of God, even if God sends us to the land of Canaan, we will enter the land and demolish the enemy to conquer the land.

Before the Israelis had entered Canaan, they had sent the twelve spies. These spies were the leaders of their own tribes. They were suppose to have distinctive faith. They were experts in fighting. They were like the special forces. When they had entered the land to spy, it was not as they had imagined. They wanted to just enter the land without paying any price. The land was flowing with plentiful of good things. But the reality was not what they had expected. After forty days, they had come back from spying out the land. They even brought back some fruit. But their report was not a joke. Even though the land was flowing with honey and milk, the land was also fully occupied by the other great and powerful seven tribes.

The leaders of Israel's tribes reported, “They will devour us! The people there are powerful!”

The ten tribal leaders who had spied out the land had anxious minds and were weak spirituality. They had continuously reported a hard reality adding/mixing their own weakness. There were only two other people reporting in the power of God. God’s power was with these two other leaders.

When the Israelis heard about the bad report, they might have said, “How have we, as God’s people, become like this in this situation? We were severely disciplined and had come this far! But why is this happening? We are the people of God. How are we placed in such a tragic situation!”

The most important thing is that even if we encounter some kind of hard incomprehensive situation, you must remember that there is a huge difference between God’s people and and His thought.

There are things that are in God’s mind and there are things in our minds. The things in our minds are the things of the flesh and the hard reality of our lives. What does God thinks as the most important thing? God does not want us to sin. We must gradually sin less and eventually sin no more. It is not important to God for us to become famous and honored by the world but God desires us to become a holy people on this earth. God desires us to live spiritually. God is with us and we must declare this within our daily lives that God is with us. If God is with us, we will be able to handle all things in all situations. It must not matter even if we are greatly embarrassed before the eyes of our brothers, sisters, parents, neighbors and the people around us. If God is truly with us, He will restore and recover you later on. But the problem is that many people have a hard time enduring as they wait for the time of restoration and blessing. They do not want and they do not expect to have a prolonged time in training.

Please do not go on the internet without caution. Even if someone said that they have received messages, prophetic messages, or revelation about last days, please do not be deceived by their messages. God’s Word is more important than the internet. Please get out of the ambience of rapture and the fear of the last days. Enter deeper into the Word of God and grab unto the Word of God. No matter who has received a revelation of God for the last days, you must think to go long term. Please do not be deceived by the last days messages out there. What God desires from us is to gradually sin less and at last sin no more. The people of the world love to become well known but God desires us to become a holy people. When it comes to church life, if you are a person who has a loud voice, you are probably a person with pride. If you utilize your strength, temper, and loud voice, your many weaknesses will be exposed. Within the church, when we discuss about the will of God, we must associate it with voluntarily serving, thinking about others as better than ourselves, and obeying the word of God, these actions will establish the Will of God. The smallest areas for the will of God will begin to be fulfilled.  

When you speak, there will be people who will open their hearts and there will be people who will not open their hearts. When it comes to faith, you can not prove your faith all alone and by keeping it all by yourself. You must learn to mingle with the other people as you may have to experience some type of disagreement, argument, and discord. You will encounter people in which you will have hard time establishing a good relationship. Sometimes, these conditions will come to us as a great test. Even if you encounter such conditions and events, if you are a person who is surrendered to God soaked in His grace, you will learn to obey through the suffering and difficulties. Please live optimistically even if you are encountering difficult situations. Please arm yourselves with the overflowing grace of God.

God had severely disciplined and trained the people of God through the wilderness. I think if we are placed in their wilderness training, we could have had a much more hard time. If you look at us, even when the tap water stops, we become very frustrated and fuss about it. The Israelis had to enter the land of Canaan and completely cast out the seven tribes who were already there. The Israelis had to establish a new country. But in order to carry all this out, they had to possess a deeper understanding. When we look at certain events, we need to possess some kind of perspective. You must posses the perspective of faith. Even if you may have to go through a difficult situation, you must posses the perspective of faith. Christians feel like they continuously fail, no victory and feel like they are withering away.

“Why must I continuously live such a way?”

Still, probably you are in the training process concerning God’s will. Abraham’s faith was very distinctive and he was a man of great wealth but still, God had a continuous plan for him.

One of the event that had occurred in the wilderness was the challenge from the big sister and brother of Moses. What were their reasons? Miriam continuously received the revelation word of God. She was also considered a prophet or a woman prophet. Aaron continuously received the word of God. Moses continuously received the word of God. One day, Moses married an Ethiopian woman. Miriam and Aaron defied Moses as they spoke about this matter. What was the main purpose? They were accusing Moses for committing adultery with the woman of Ethiopia. But this was only the reason from the surface.

In reality, they were speaking to him, “Does God only talk to you? God also talks to us! God talks to brother Aaron as well. Why would you not discuss this matter with us beforehand? Why would you carry out this matter all by yourself and how could you inform us afterwards?”

At the end, God’s wrath came upon Miriam. We may all receive revelation, messages and the word of God. As we observe this story of God’s wrath and summarize it, we come to realize that there is an order even when it comes to personal revelation and the word of God. Even if we all have received same kind of message, there is an order of priority. The prophetic message which Moses received comes first in order. Next in Aaron’s message and then in Miriam’s message. We come to realize there is order even when it comes to His prophetic messages. There is a process. Where does God put more weight? This is a very important matter.

No one can guarantee what will happen to us in the future. We do not know what events we will encounter. When it comes to prophetic messages and revelation, God will place the order of priority. When prophet Jeremiah delivered the message of God, God intensively acknowledged and proved his message. In the days of the prophet Jeremiah, there were many prophets. Those prophets ridiculed the word that was delivered through prophet Jeremiah.

They were like, “You think God only talks to you?! God also talks to us!”

They all said God talks to them. But to whom did God intensively grant His prophetic word too? We must critically think about this. Every word, prophet Jeremiah, said was right. In the book of Jeremiah, chapter twenty nine, prophet Hananiah was cursed and died. Prophet Hananiah also said that God spoke to him. In the book of Jeremiah chapter twenty six, there was an event of a king and the prophets committing adultery with the neighboring women. These people all proclaimed that God spoke to them but yet, in reality they all habitually committed adultery behind the scenes. Those were God’s servants. If you observe all around us, you will witness many pastors and leaders committing such sins. I tell you the truth, many people who receive revelation from God, people who receive prophetic messages from God habitually commit such sin. These types of people usually think about how to use the church members. These people are already corrupted but in spite of this reality, there are many cases God’s prophetic messages continuously come upon them. How could we view this?

Miriam and Aaron challenged Moses and we know that there is the order of priority. As a result, God judged Miriam by striking her with leprosy. When you receive the word of God, and when you look at the people who God really works through, you must learn to discern.

There was a incident with Balaam. Balaam was a gentile prophet and the Moabite king hired Balaam with money to curse Israel. But when the power of God came upon the  prophet Balaam, he blessed Israel instead. Balaam struck his donkey but the donkey was looking at the Angel of God. The donkey tried to avoid the Angel of God but prophet Balaam could not see the angel. Later on, God opened the spiritual eyes of prophet Balaam. Even though Balak and Balaam tried to curse the chosen people of God, God turned it into a blessing. We have the power of variable. We can change things. If you only live your lives with proper faith, even if curses come your way, the curses can turn into a blessing. There were incidents of poisonous snakes, plagues, and being prideful. As the people of God go through such incidents, many people will be sorted out and the proper people of God will be trained. These trained people of God becomes the army of God who will be sent to fight. What is the important element here? You must possess purity. How do you keep yourselves from being polluted and to stay pure? Do not lie and do not corrupt yourselves with money and material things.  

You must believe what is correct and proper. Are you confident about your faith? Can you say that you have had proper faith up until now? You must possess confident faith. You must believe that God loves you very much. No matter how much (spiritual) Moabite women comes to temp us, lie, delude and give us false love, we must overcome it. At the end, 601,730 entered into the land of Canaan and carried out war to conquer the land. When it comes to our faith lives, we must alway prepare for a prolonged period. We will have to endure and be patience for a long period of time. At the same time, there are choices you must make as soon as possible. There are things that you must be patient for a long period of time as you patiently wait. You must be well balanced as you are determined to make choices for important situations.You have to make things right as soon as possible and also, you must prepare to go long for a long period of time. God will not see how smart you are but God will see your faithful attitude and obedience towards His instructions according to His word and His lead.

Pastor Kim Yong Doo