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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Need something?

Philippians 4:6-7 (AMP) Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition ([a]definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. 7 And God’s peace [shall be yours, that [b]tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall [c]garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Whether individuals or churches, scripture says that all our needs and every circumstances should be taken to prayer with thanksgiving and continuing to make our wants known to God. When we think we are in need of something and when we become anxious because we believe we will be lacking or whether we need to meet a deadline, then we are not following scripture by taking it all to God in prayer.

If we were taking all our needs and petition in prayer, then as verse 7 states, "And God's peace shall be yours," we should be at peace. No matter how big we perceive the storm, if we are in prayer without ceasing, then we will be at peace! In other versions, it states we will have a peace that surpasses all understanding. We are at peace because He is the one ordering our steps. However, many are not in peace. They may be praying to some degree but they are not in peace as many have followed the way of the the Western prosperity gospel to solicit rather than taking it all to prayer. And even if we are to ask any particular people or person, we must be led by the Spirit on who to ask. We cannot just ask numerous people and expect to play the odds of chance that some will contribute. This at the end will result in a dead end.

And if God does not answer our request then perhaps, we should realize it is not our time or not His Will. If we stay in prayer without ceasing, scripture says in verse 7, "being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is." By being in constant prayer, we will come to realize what we have is enough and if we are to have more, we must wait upon HIM. We must come to realize the work we currently have in His ministry may be sufficient until His time. Too many servants of God are in the business of changing their ministry to increase their number of members rather than praying and working to change the hearts of those God has already sent. Paul said he had found the secret whether in lack or abundant to be content. We must learn to be content in all situations waiting for God. After all, we are working for His Kingdom and not ours.

I have come realized one thing. God will not give me more than what I need because if I receive more than I need, I may be tempted into sin. But if I attempt to go find or do more when it is not my time and even though it may appear we are doing God's work, we will end up birthing Ismael.

Ismael was birthed because Abram could not wait for God. It was through their own plan, idea, and strength. They had sought to bring a child while they were physically capable. And as Ismael grew, Abram became fond of Ismael as he grew. We can become very fond of the work our hands. Abraham asked God to give Ismael consideration. It is like us telling God look what I have done for you. Sorry but God does not need our help. He just needs us to obey.

Then God told Abraham that Sarah they will birth a child to be named Issac. Abraham was ninety nine years old and Sarah was 89 when God told them they would have a son. It was no longer in their strength and ability but in their weakness that God's Spirit would move to bring forth a miracle in their state. When God moves as we wait, it will be by His Spirit.
It is not to be through our strength or power. It is to be done by His Spirit so that He may get all the Glory.

Zechariah 4:6 (AMP) Then he said to me, This [addition of the bowl to the candlestick, causing it to yield a ceaseless supply of oil from the olive trees] is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of Whom the oil is a symbol], says the Lord of hosts.

Therefore, if we think we are going to do great for God then it will be our flesh giving birth to fleshy programs and events. We must come to realization it must be God who will do great things through us when we properly obey. Then as we wait upon God, it will be Spirit giving birth to spirit.

Be wise fellow servants of God. Many ministries are birthed by the flesh rather than the Spirit of God. We must learn to wait upon God so that He may get the Glory. And in our wait, we are to rest in HIM by doing the work He has currently presented us with. Be faithful in the small things so you can be trusted with the greater things.

John 3:6 (AMP) What is born of [from] the flesh is flesh [of the physical is physical]; and what is born of the Spirit is spirit

Fire of God Ministries
Steve Yong Kim
August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A product of your environment

1 Corinthians 15:33 (AMP) Do not be so deceived and misled! Evil companionship (communion, associations) corrupt and deprave good manners and morals and character.

If you watch horror movies, then you will probably get nightmares and be afraid of the dark. Why? Because if you watch such types, you will be letting those demons enter into you. There is a spiritual reaction occurring as your emotions are affected in the physical realm. If you play video games of war and killing or watch movies of war, then one may get their toy or real gun and play and/or act it out as though they are some soldier of war. This may not affect everyone in which we can observe physically but it can and does happen. And such desire of such actions get stronger as one continues to be exposed to such acts or thoughts.

If one continues to watch licentious movies or licentious music videos, then one may be tempted and become more sexually active or promiscuous. If one watches pornography, then those spirits will enter the viewer and get stronger. As they get stronger, addiction will set in as those demons need to be fed. If one watches a lot of sports, then one begins to live sports. They play sports. They dress sports. They breathe it as they spend much money on the sports paraphernalia.

If one grows up in a gang infested neighborhood, then there is a high probability that the young person living in such a neighborhood may end up joining the neighborhood gang. Of course, this is not always the case but it is in many cases. Gangs dress alike. They talk alike. They will have many similar things in common.

In the physical realm, they say one is a product of one's environment. In the spiritual realm, this is translated as impartation. We are imparted from what we see and from our surroundings. It is very important we protect ourselves from being exposed to worldly sinful activities as it imparts the spiritual counterpart unto us.

If one joins the Mormons, then one is going to think and believe like the Mormons. If one joins the JW or Catholics, they will end up thinking and believing as they do. If you join some extreme fundamental Christian group, then one is going to think and believe like them. As people join certain groups or sects, they may even dress like them and participate only in their activities.

In the physical, we can observe people thinking and believing unto a certain group as they are fed and indoctrinated with certain information. We can see the evidence of how one may take a liking unto a group, activity, or life style. However, this is happening because there is a counterpart of activity in the spiritual realm. In the physical, this may sometimes be referred as "brainwashing." As people join or believe unto certain groups or activities, such demonic spirits who are in charge or in authority of that matter are imparted unto those people.

Therefore, you will begin to see a change in people. You will see a change unto the people which is a reflection of the evil spirits which are living in them. If we believe in the Lord Jesus properly, then people will see a change in us as we become and as we reflect Jesus Christ. But if you see people who reflect sin, idolatry, coveting, lust, hate, anger, and the likes, you will be witnessing the reflection of such spirits in that person. This is the war within a person. You can either choose to have more of the Holy Spirit or more of the demons and it will be reflected in your attitude, personality, lifestyle, and beliefs.

This is why it is SO important that you discern who you spiritually feed from whether at a local church or on the internet. For example, if you follow a group of believers who believe a certain person is the Anti Christ and it turns out to be a false message, then you will be imparted of those deceptive spirits. Within time, you may even receive their visions, dreams, and prophecy. You may be taken to their counterfeit heaven, hell, and even see a false Jesus. If one follows rapture messages in which people are claiming they are seeing Jesus and receiving prophecy from him and it turns out to be false, then those who continue to read and hear those messages will receive or be imparted those deceptive spirits.

Before the 2012 Olympics, I was sent a video of a chaotic women telling the viewers that the Lord told her there would be a terror event during the opening. Then following that week, there would occur two raptures. If you continue to seek such messages out listening to people who have been proven wrong time after time, then you will be choosing to be deceived and such spirits will be working in you. As those spirits are imparted to others, they may think it is confirmation but in reality they are being deceived.

This is not to say rapture messages are unprofitable. However, I see so many other useless subjects and arguments attempting to stir up people. But as I have made the case before, if one creates the foundation of their ministry around prophecy, dreams, or visions, then they may most likely end up deceived. Rapture or the return of the Lord is an aspect of the whole message of the bible. We cannot just focus on one aspect and be dogmatic of it. We must focus on the whole Bible and if the Word is HIM, then we must focus and abide in HIM. 

We must spend more time with the LORD rather than searching out useless nonsense unprofitable subjects. How many times are we to hear about the Illuminati? What can we do? How many times are we going to hear about lady gaga? Stop listening to her music! If you are afraid to hurt the feelings of others but rather read their posts and support false messages and false anointing out of courtesy, then you will end up deceived as those spirits will begin to build a foundation in you.

2 Timothy 2:15-17 (AMP) Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth.16 But avoid all empty (vain, useless, idle) talk, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness.17 And their teaching [will devour; it] will eat its way like cancer or spread like gangrene. So it is with Hymenaeus and Philetus,

Titus 3:9-11 (AMP) But avoid stupid and foolish controversies and genealogies and dissensions and wrangling about the Law, for they are unprofitable and futile.10 [As for] a man who is factious [a heretical sectarian and cause of divisions], after admonishing him a first and second time, reject [him from your fellowship and have nothing more to do with him],11 Well aware that such a person has utterly changed (is perverted and corrupted); he goes on sinning [though he] is convicted of guilt and self-condemned.

If one is being deceived and led astray, they are in sense worshiping demons as they are reaching out to false anointing, false Jesus, taken to false heavens and such. And as they pray, their prayers will not be received as it will be considered an abomination to God. We must humble ourselves when we are found to be wrong or mistaken and seek to be corrected rather than try to force and be proven right. If you believe you cannot be deceived, then you are already on the road of deception as pride is working in your heart.

Proverbs 28:9 (AMP) He who turns away his ear from hearing the law [of God and man], even his prayer is an abomination, hateful and revolting [to God].

And this is why many groups will have many things in common. They may speak alike. They may speak about the same things. They make dress alike. They may believe alike. They may begins seeing the same type of visions. They may have similar dreams. They will be alike because they have the same type of spirits in them!

We are not to become like other groups or the world. We are to become like CHRIST, manifesting, and transforming into His likeness with ever increasing Glory. We are called to be filled with all the fullness of God and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God HIMSELF!

Ephesians 3:19 [That you may really come] to know [practically, [e]through experience for yourselves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses [f]mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] [g]unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and [h]become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]!

Let us ask God for discernment. Let us question ourselves whether we are being led astray or whether we are on the narrow path of His Truth. Let us repent if we have been deceived. Remember, if you are seeking Truth, well, what is Truth? Truth my friend is a PERSON.

1 Corinthians 11:31 (AMP) For if we searchingly examined ourselves [detecting our shortcomings and recognizing our own condition], we should not be judged and penalty decreed [by the divine judgment].

Deception will get worse. Many will be deceived. You must ask God for the gift of discernment. You must continue to abide in HIM keeping your eyes and focus on Jesus.

Matthew 24:24 (AMP) For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones).

Fire of God Ministries
Steve Yong Kim
August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Putting others in danger

Jonah was told to go to Nineveh and warn them to repent. Jonah had a calling to do God's work. However, Jonah made a willful choice to run from God's word. When we deny or reject the calling in our lives, we not only put ourselves in danger but others around us.

As Jonah ran from God, it was God who had sent the storm. When we reject God's calling or task in our lives, HE will send the storms an
d we will be putting others in danger. The storm was affecting not only Jonah but the people on the ship. They were at risk of being sunk and destroyed.

When judgments come onto the nations or people, God is actually trying to wake up His people. The unbelievers were in panic but Jonah was sleeping. Today, many Christians are sleeping as the storm is brewing in the horizon and as it is in our mist.

The captain of the ship saw Jonah fast asleep and he said, "What do you mean, you sleeper? Arise, call upon your God!"

Many unbelievers are waiting for us to manifest God's power and to walk in His Word so they may believe. However, even though many Christians themselves do not realize they are sleeping, the unbelievers have the keen sense to know we are SLEEPING. Many of us are sleeping because we are refusing to do His Work as He has called us to do. Many of us are sleeping as the Power of God and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit is not evident in our lives. Many of us have decided to do our own work under our own terms using God as the servant and this is the reason why so many of us are in their storms and eventually in the belly of darkness.

Until we decide to OBEY God under His terms giving HIM thanksgiving, we will not be vomited out of our own darkness. And as the storm is sent, we will be putting our loved ones in the storm as it is sent for us. Our children, spouses, loved ones, friends, brethren, and even strangers may be affected as they are around us.

May you all step into your callings with HIS Courage and HIS Strength.

Jonah 1:1-6 Now the word of the Lord came to [a]Jonah son of Amittai, saying,2 Arise, go to [b]Nineveh, that great city, and proclaim against it, for their wickedness has come up before Me.
3 But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from being in the presence of the Lord [as His prophet] and went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish [the most remote of the Phoenician trading places then known]. So he paid the appointed fare and went down into the ship to go with them to Tarshish from being in the presence of the Lord [as His servant and minister].4 But the Lord sent out a great wind upon the sea, and there was a violent tempest on the sea so that the ship was about to be broken.
5 Then the mariners were afraid, and each man cried to his god; and they cast the goods that were in the ship into the sea to lighten it for them. But Jonah had gone down into the inner part of the ship and had lain down and was fast asleep.6 So the captain came and said to him, What do you mean, you sleeper? Arise, call upon your God! Perhaps your God will give a thought to us so that we shall not perish.

Fire of God Ministries
Steve Yong Kim

Sunday, August 26, 2012

IS GOD FAR AWAY? by Diane Solver

"Am I a God at hand, declares the LORD, and not a God far away? 24 Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the LORD. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the LORD.” Jeremiah 23:23-24

“Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? 8 If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there! 9 If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, 10 even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.” Psalm 139:7-10

"But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you; how much less this house that I have built!” 1 Kings 8:27
 When God created man, He created him in His image and likeness. However, after they sinned, their image became corrupted and they became “unlike” God. Daddy God asked Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” after they sinned, not because He doesn’t know where they were hiding but to let Adam know or to let him realize where he is after he disobeyed God. Adam didn’t know that he was lost. Adam didn’t know that sinning and disobeying God would create a distance. Not a distance in space but a distance in moral likeness. They became “unlike” God. Daddy God is holy and we are unholy when we sin. When we sin, we hide ourselves from God and we feel that Daddy God is so far from us. Sin separates us from Him.

Many people keep on praying and asking God to draw near. Is God far from us? Is He so distant to us that we are praying for Him to draw near? Does He not fill the heavens and the earth? Is He not present everywhere? Daddy God is near to us than we are to ourselves. The reason why we can’t feel His presence is because of the gap that we are creating whenever we sin. Again, the gap is not in distance or space, but it is the difference of our character to God’s character. He is holy and we are unholy. He is good and we are evil. He is pure and we are corrupted. He is loving and we are hateful. He is humble and we are proud and arrogant. He is unselfish and we are selfish. He is forgiving and we are vengeful. He is kind and we are harsh. And so forth. There’s a vast difference in our character to His character. This made a gap or distance to God. So before we pray to God to come near, why not pray to God to show us what separates us from Him? Why not pray to God to search our hearts and see if there is any wickedness in us?

Daddy God said that no matter how small our sin is, it is still a sin. And sin will separate us from Him. Many think that it is alright to sin a little, to lie a little, to compromise a little, to disobey a little, to be a little impatient, a little bitterness, etc. But they were wrong. Daddy God said that those who do it, those who sin no matter how small they perceive it, will still be separated from Him unless they repent and change. Daddy God will spit those who are lukewarm.

Daddy God is still asking us now, “My son, My daughter, where are you?” Do we know where we are? Maybe we do not know that we are lost. Maybe many were unaware that they are being diverted away from the narrow way of Jesus that leads to life because of their “little compromise”. How many of us will admit that we are in the darkness and was lost? How many of us know the condition of our soul and our progress in our walk with God? How many of us still feel the manifestation of the presence of God?

Many people can’t feel God’s manifest presence. And because they don’t feel His presence, there is a hole in them or they often feel incomplete. They feel that something is missing or lacking and they can’t figure out what it is. That is why many people keep themselves busy. They want all the entertainment in the world. They want to invent every kind of entertainment to fill this missing part in them. It helps them forget that they are without God. If we could only feel Daddy God’s presence, if we could only feel His love, His peace, His kindness, and the awe of being with Him, I’m sure that we wouldn’t want anything else in the world but Him.

Jesus came to Earth to save the lost. Just like when He walked in the Garden of Eden searching for Adam and Eve, Jesus came searching for sinners. Sinners can’t feel the presence of God. Jesus went to the house of the tax collectors, publicans, sinners, etc, so they would feel God’s presence and they would realize that they were lost.  His love pursues us. He keeps on searching for the lost sheep. He is knocking on the door of every person’s heart. Oh, how great is His love.

“Yet he is actually not far from each one of us, 28 for In him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

Everyday, we must be restored to the image and likeness of God through Jesus. The more that we are like Jesus, the more we will feel God’s presence, because we are becoming one with Him.


-Daddy’s girl

Friday, August 24, 2012

Happiness and money anyone?

What is today's prosperity gospel? Many think it is all about money and how Christians should become wealthy and rich. But that is a slight of hand of deception. The prosperity gospel in its core is a gospel that puts the person on a pedestal. It is a gospel to elevate the "YOU and ME."

The prosperity gospel which is very prevalent in the western church is spewing this poison onto the second and third world nations. And as newly converts appear in other nations, they look at the western church of its riches thinking they have spiritually succeeded. Too many measure spiritual success based on number of attendees, wealth, and money.

Matthew 23:15 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, pretenders (hypocrites)! For you travel over sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes one [a proselyte], you make him doubly as much a child of hell (Gehenna) as you are.

Revelation 3:16-17 (AMP) So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth!17 For you say, I am rich; I have prospered and grown wealthy, and I am in need of nothing; and you do not realize and understand that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.

In the prosperity gospel, the bait is "YOU." They come to proclaim "YOU." You should be this. You should be that. You should be living high. Your dream. Your goal. Your vision. Your desires. Your wants. You should be...YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU!

You see, in my bible, YOU SHOULD BE DEAD TO YOURSELF! You should be NOTHING! You should be decreasing and HE should be INCREASING! Eventually you should NO LONGER EXIST! The old "YOU" should no longer exist and Christ should be manifesting from you. YOU should ONLY be Glorying in the CROSS of our LORD!!

John 3:30 (AMP) He must increase, but I must decrease. [He must grow more prominent; I must grow less so.]

Galatians 6:14 (AMP) But far be it from me to glory [in anything or anyone] except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) through Whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world!

But the prosperity gospel comes to strengthen their low self esteem and low confidence without obedience to Christ and His Cross. And this is why many of them who continue to shout His Name in vain eventually fizzle away in defeat. They are attempting to bring themselves up rather than decreasing to let Jesus reign in their lives. But it feeds the blind by the thousands and if not millions as their churches become bloated in number. However, the power of God is no where evident because if His presence was there, they would be feeding off HIM rather than their self esteem to feel good.

Please do not misunderstand me. I understand we are to say positive words of life but obedience to Jesus must be the first order otherwise one will only be looking to feel good for themselves rather than loving God by walking and keeping His commandments. It will end up as self idolizing.

If you are looking for happiness and peace, well, happiness is a Person. Peace is a Person. Joy is a Person. Life is a Person. For HE is the "I AM!" I AM PEACE! I AM HAPPINESS! I AM JOY! I AM JUSTICE! I AM LOVE! I AM GOD!

Repent and keep His commandments. The more you have of HIM, the more you will have the above in peace, joy, love, etc. for HE comes to give abundant life. You do not need a 7 step program. You do not need a 12 step program. What we need to know is that we MUST FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS WHICH IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF EVERY MAN. IT IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL HAPPINESS!

Ecclesiastes 12:13 (AMP) All has been heard; the end of the matter is: Fear God [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is] and keep His commandments, for this is the whole of man [the full, original purpose of his creation, the object of God’s providence, the root of character, THE FOUNDATION OF ALL HAPPINESS, the adjustment to all inharmonious circumstances and conditions under the sun] and the whole [duty] for every man.

Fire of God Ministries
Steve Yong Kim
August 24, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blinded by Light!

Many Christians claim to have faith. Yet, many continue to walk in sight rather than faith. We must come to experience our Lord where His Light will just blind us so that we will be led by faith rather than sight. When His Light blinds us, we will no longer be able to see the physical as we did when we walked in the flesh. When His Light blinds us, we will begin to walk in faith trusting HIM because we will need a helper to get us through.

Paul was a pharisee. In fact, he was a very educated man. He was a pharisee of the pharisee under the teachings of Gamaliel. He was educated according to the strictest care in the Law of his fathers, being ardent even a zealot for God. Saul (Paul) thought He knew God. He thought "The Way" was not of God and then he began persecuting the children of the Lord. This mistake repeats even today as many religious men continue to persecute God's children. 

Acts 9:3-4 Now as he traveled on, he came near to Damascus, and suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him,4 And he fell to the ground. Then he heard a voice saying to him, Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me [harassing, troubling, and molesting Me]?

This Light came from heaven. It flashed around him and Saul fell to the ground. We must come on our knees in humility and we must let His Light give us a new sight into the spiritual realm through faith. But in order to have new sight, we must first be blinded by His Light so we may no longer see the physical world in the carnal nature. We must stop depending on the world. We must stop looking back to Egypt where we think it was easier. We must stop walking in sight as we have been since the day we were born into sin. We must stop walking on our own. 

Once Saul was blinded, he need help to be guided. He could no longer depend on his own abilities. Saul was a very proud man. But in his weakness, in order to receive sight once again, he had to follow the instructions of the Lord and he had to have a lay man pray over him. Scripture did not say the person who was to pray over him to be a priest, pharisee, Sadducee, or any other higher ranking order. Scripture says, he was a devout man. He could not go to Gamaliel or any of the other high ranking pharisees. He had to humble himself and have a brother, a lay believer, pray over him.

Acts 9:17-18
So Ananias left and went into the house. And he laid his hands on Saul and said, Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, Who appeared to you along the way by which you came here, has sent me that you may recover your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit 18 And instantly something like scales fell from [Saul’s] eyes, and he recovered his sight. Then he arose and was baptized,

Acts 22:11 And since I could not see because [of the dazzlingly glorious intensity] of the brightness of that light, I was led by the hand by those who were with me, and [thus] I arrived in Damascus.12 And one Ananias, a devout man according to the Law, well spoken of by all the Jews who resided there,13 Came to see me, and standing by my side said to me, Brother Saul, [c]look up and receive back your sight. And in that very [d]instant I [recovered my sight and] looking up saw him.

Today, many Christians whether lay believers, preachers, or others who are in higher authority are walking like Saul. They may be educated. They may have gone to famous theological schools. They may have degrees and certificates. They may have experience in preaching and teaching. They may have titles. They may be well known. But they have yet to be blinded by the light of the Lord and they are yet to have the scales removed so that their spiritual sight may be opened. They are rather blinded by the world. This sight that is opened is now a spiritual sight. It may not be a spiritual sight in which one sees angels and demons. But it is a spiritual sight in which one knows the Lord and knows His Voice. When Saul was blinded, he asked "Who are you Lord?" He did not know the voice of His God. He was in fact persecuting His own God.  

Matthew 20:29 And as they were going out of Jericho, a great throng accompanied Him.30 And behold, two blind men were sitting by the roadside, and when they heard that Jesus was passing by, they cried out, Lord, have pity and mercy on us, [You] Son of David!31 The crowds reproved them and told them to keep still; but they cried out all the more, Lord, have pity and mercy on us, [You] Son of David!32 And Jesus stopped and called them, and asked, What do you want Me to do for you?33 They answered Him, Lord, we want our eyes to be opened!34 And Jesus, in pity, touched their eyes; and instantly they received their sight and followed Him.

Whether we are blinded by the Light of the Lord or by the world, we must cry out to God to have our spiritual sight opened. Two blind men sitting on the roadside heard Jesus was passing by. They cried out! These two were blinded by the world. They were blinded in the physical sense and in their senses. But the crowds reproved them and told them to keep still. Religion and religious men tell those who are hungry to keep still. Those who pray loud. Those who worship loud. Those who try to seek HIM with all their hearts. They are reproved by religious institutions and religious men to be still!  If we are to be stubborn, let it be stubborn to cry out more to the Lord asking for mercy on us! When the two blind men cried out, Jesus out of pity touched their eyes. But we must ask HIM. He asked the two blind men, what do you want Me to do for you? We must ask HIM to show us His Truth. We must ask HIM to blind us with HIS Light so the scales that blind us by the world will be removed. When the two men had received their sight, they could not only see everything but now they were seeing the LORD!

Fire of God Ministries
Glory to HIM
Steve Yong Kim
August 21, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

God is asking, "Where are you?"

When Christians stumble or fall hard, many may feel guilty and they may begin to withdraw from God's presence. Guilt makes one feel unworthy and many may start to participate less with their church and eventually stop attending at all. Many will sit in the back row not seeking any attention. Many will hide from spiritual attention. They are thus hiding from the Light. When one hides, one hides in dark corners or places where one cannot be seen.  
Genesis 3:6-10 And when the woman saw that the tree was good (suitable, pleasant) for food and that it was delightful to look at, and a tree to be desired in order to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate; and she gave some also to her husband, and he ate.7 Then the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves apronlike girdles.8 And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.9 But the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, Where are you?10 He said, I heard the sound of You [walking] in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.

When Adam and Eve fell, they realized they were naked and they hid from God. When we sin and continue to sin, the Glory of God will no longer cover us and we realize in our spirits that we are naked. As a result, we will go hide. Sadly, when we hide, we are hiding from the presence of God. Thus, we are making a choice to leave His presence. In verse 8, it states that Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of God. Adam and eve had made a choice to leave His presence.

However, although we may feel guilty and unworthy, it is God, our Father, who is hurting more. In verse 9, He asked Adam, "Where are you?" Even though God knew Adam had fell, God came looking for him. You may feel unworthy and ashamed but God is still looking for you. His Love is great and mercies new each morning. He comes to look for YOU. He is still calling you home. He is asking you, "Where are you?"

He is asking you to stop hiding and come back into the Light. Only in the Light will you be clothed by His Light. How are we to come back into the Light? We must repent. We must surrender fully to HIM.

Many know their sins and fall. You must now make that choice not to hide anymore. You must make the choice to come out into the open and into the Light exposing your sins and shame. You must forsake the fear of men and ridicule. The road to peace and to His throne requires your humility.

Otherwise, if we continue to hide, yes, we may occasionally come to church. For some they may even come to church diligently but they will only have a form of piety. They will remain sitting in the back worshiping God from a far. Guilt makes us worship HIM from afar.

While His Grace is still available, come to the throne boldly. But you must come through repentance. You must come with a contrite and humbled heart.

Hebrews 4:1&16
(AMP) Therefore, while the promise of entering His rest still holds and is offered [today], let us be afraid [[a]to distrust it], lest any of you should [b]think he has come too late and has come short of [reaching] it.

16 Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it].

He is looking for you. He is asking, "Where are you son? Where are you daughter?"

Fire of God Ministries

Steve Yong Kim

Friday, August 17, 2012

No! We will have a president over us!

1 Samuel 8:19-20 Nevertheless, the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel, and they said, No! We will have a king over us, 20 That we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may govern us and go out before us and fight our battles. 21 Samuel heard all the people’s words and repeated them in the Lord’s ears. 22 And the Lord said to Samuel, Hearken to their voice and appoint them a king. And Samuel said to the men of Israel, Go every man to his city.

The people of God wanted a king. Even though God had warned them how the king they desired would lord over them, they would not listen to God and demanded a king. "We will have a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may govern us and go out before us and fight our battles."  As God continues to teach and open my eyes, I come to realize that we as the people of God have not changed much. We may not have kings ruling over us but we now have presidents, ministers of state, and elected bodies ruling us in the name of democracy. But the demand is the same. Give us a president over us! Many Christians desire a particular president who is like mind, spirit, and morals to govern and go before and fight their battles.

Was it not God who went before them in the cloud to lead them in the wilderness? Was it not God in the pillar of Fire in the wildernesses giving them Light during the night ? Was it not God who had fought their battles? But they were rejecting God because they wanted a man to rule over them. In reality, they wanted self rule. They wanted to be like the other nations. They wanted to feed their pride through prosperity, stability, and through their own laws.

Sadly, I now see many Christians rallying behind the new Republican nominee for president. Am I for Obama? Absolutely not! I am for Jesus Christ Crucified! Why are many conservative Christians rallying behind Romney? Is it because they have no other options? Will Ron Paul be your option? Many Christians are so DECEIVED having strayed away from His presence. We must humble ourselves and let HIM lead us once again. We must return to our first Love.

On the surface, to many Christians, President Obama appears to be anti Christian. Even more sadly, through false prophecy, many baby Christians believe he is the anti Christ. As Obama comes out in the open to be in favor of gay marriages and abortions, many Christians believe we need to be once again led by a president with moral character and beliefs. They believe having a president with moral character and beliefs will lead this country back into its glory.

We can observe unbelievers and the world as they fight for their own rights. As we see them pass legislation for gay rights, abortions, and for other immoral living standards, we can on the surface see they are doing evil things. Many Christians see these things occurring and they use scripture to show how the world is calling good evil and evil good. They observe all that is happening in the world and in their own back yards knowing the Day of the Lord is quickly approaching. However, many Christians do not realize such judgments are coming for them first. Judgment will start in the household of God first!

1 Peter 4:17 (AMP) For the time [has arrived] for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will [be] the end of those who do not respect or believe or obey the good news (the Gospel) of God?

We can look at the religions of Islam, Hindu, Buddism, evolution, and we can all discern they are false teachings. But they are all but distractions by the enemy as they are too easy to pick out. We must learn to be and stay in HIS Presence so we are not Deceived by deception that are so pervasive within our own ranks and people. When someone is deceived, do they know they are deceived? No, they do not. They must seek the help of the Holy Spirit to be taken out of darkness. We must not just assume we are not deceived because we are not in the other religions. If we think we cannot be deceived, then we are already in a position of pride and falling.

The Anti Christ will not come out appearing so easily to many Christians. He will be a master of deception as his father. He will not come out with immoral beliefs and character. He will cater to the beliefs of the conservative Christians as the Great Apostasy is here and coming. The Great Apostasy is not for the world or unbelievers but it is for God's own people who many will end up betraying HIM. You say you can never betray HIM? You are betraying HIM by rallying and voting for a person like Mitt Romney. How?

Many Christians will call out a person like Obama and call him an evil man claiming he is calling evil good and good evil because he believes in gay marriages and abortion. But what is the greater evil!!

When God's people demanded a king, God gave them the desires of their heart. He gave them a king that was like mind, spirit, and beliefs as they were. He gave them a king who was rebellious and stiff necked just like them! He gave them a king that would cater to the needs of men. He gave them a king who disobeyed God because he feared men and who desired to seek the praises of men. Unlike David who tended sheep, Saul had tended donkeys! He chased after donkeys looking for them as they were LOST.

1 Samuel 9:3 (AMP) The donkeys of Kish, Saul’s father, were lost. Kish said to Saul, Take a servant with you and go, look for the donkeys.

Today, as many professing conservative Christians and evangelicals seek a president to restore moral laws and thinking, they have received their just answer as they have received a presidential nominee of like mind, spirit, and beliefs. What does Mitt Romney represent? Yes, he may believe in conservative marriages and is against abortion but too many Christians rally behind ideology and isolated issues rather than following ALL of God's commandments.

But what does he represent? He represents a religion that is retarded and blaspheming!! Yes, they may say and believe in moral rights being supporters of anti abortion and anti gay rights but it is a religion that condones multiple wives full of idolatry. It is a religion having a form of Christianity but full of adultery and idolatry. And most degrading of all, it is a religion that DENYS THE DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST! This is the greater evil! Mitt Romney represents most of the western Christians, they have denied the deity of Jesus Christ in their lives as it is evident as there is no Lordship of His authority over their lives. They have a form of piety as they rally behind moral ideology but they do not rally behind their King of Kings but one who represents a figure of a true anti christ. The true Anti Christ is one who DENYS the Deity of Jesus Christ. Yes, even Obama is a figure of a anti Christ since he denies the deity of Jesus Christ but he is not "the" anti Christ as many have been grossly and erroneously led to believe.

Isaiah 5:20 (AMP) Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Sadly, it is the many conservative Christians and evangelicals now who are calling evil good and good evil as they have chosen moral laws over the DEITY of Jesus Christ. Woe to Them!! They are being deceived!! They would rather vote for someone whose belief is in a religion that denies the deity of Jesus Christ because he is in agreement with their moral laws and wallets. They are picking him over their wallets and emotions rather than seeking the Glory of God.

Matthew 24:24 (AMP) For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones).

The days are becoming darker. It is not becoming darker because the world is becoming more sinful and immoral. The world has always been sinful and immoral. It is becoming darker as the light in God's people are becoming dimmer and dimmer as many are being led astray into deception. The Light of God in His people is being removed. Their candle sticks are being removed. The Glory of God has departed in many churches. They are choosing evil calling it good. God is sending a strong delusion because they have REJECTED HIM.

2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 (AMP) And by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing (going to perdition) because they did not welcome the Truth but refused to love it that they might be saved.11 Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false,

People are at the end deceived because they have chosen to be deceived. They have choosen many things over God. Who am I telling you to vote for? I am telling you to vote for the Holy Spirit and be led by HIM. The sons and daughters of God are those who are led by His Spirit and not led by their wallets, emotions, nationalism, or ideologies. They are those who use the voting power of PRAYER!

Revelation 18:4 (AMP) I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues.

One day, this country is going to turn on us Christians and many will betray one another turning in brother, mothers, sisters, fathers, thinking they will be doing a service in God's name. They will come to kill us.

John 16:2-3  (AMP) They will put you out of (expel you from) the synagogues; but an hour is coming when whoever kills you will think and claim that he has offered service to God.3 And they will do this because they have not known the Father or Me.

Many have ears but they do not understand. Many have eyes but yet they do not perceive!! You are the salt and light of the world but if the salt loses its favor, how will it be made salty again? It is no longer good.

Those who have a ear to hear, may you hear what the Spirit is speaking. May we humble ourselves seek His Face and repent as difficult days approach. Dark and difficult days are approaching. Only those who endure until the end shall be saved! Persevere and endure in all things for behold HE is Returning but will He find persistent faith?

Fire of God
Steve Yong Kim
August 17, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Potter and clay

Isaiah 64:8 “Yet, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our Potter, and we all are the work of Your hand.”

Jeremiah 18:2-6 “Go down to the potter’s shop, and I will speak to you there.” 3 So I did as he told me and found the potter working at his wheel. 4 But the jar he was making did not turn out as he had hoped, so he crushed it into a lump of clay again and started over. 5 Then the Lord gave me this message: 6 “O Israel, can I not do to you as this potter has done to his clay? As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand”

Many of us have heard these verses very well. We Christians all understand and admit that we are the clay and God is the Potter. But, in reality, how many of us Christians out there allow the Potter to mold us into beautiful vessels without complaining, grumbling, negotiating and/or reasoning to the Potter? As a lump of clay, are we being resistant or submissive to the Potter?

I have seen and encountered many lumps of clay complaining to the Potter and His wheel. They are reluctant to be molded on such a wheel. In order for a lump of messy, ugly, and unshaped clay to be made into a beautiful vessel, the potter’s wheel must spin unceasingly as the potter’s hand throughly shapes it. The wheel will only stop for the clay once it is turned into a beautiful vessel. But during the spinning of the wheel, the ugly unshaped lump of clay may feel discomfort and even pain since it may never had such an experience. The clay will not know what kind of vessel it will turn out to be until the Potter finishes molding to completion.

We Christians must understand that we could possibly be left as an unfinished, ugly, and unshaped lump of clay and be cast away if we continue to complain and grumble while we are on His wheel. We must understand our difficult situations and uncomfortable circumstances represents the Potter’s wheel. We can not tell the Potter to stop spinning the wheel. We are not allowed to complain. We do not have the right, period. On the wheel, we are shaped and made into a perfect vessel. Without the Potter spinning wheel and without the skillful hands upon us, we will never be made into a beautiful vessel. You do not want to be left as a dried up clay. You know what happens when clay dries up. Do not be offended by God. Do not question God and do not doubt for He knows the best for you. Do not harden your hearts as a dried and hardened clay.

Romans 9:20-21 “No, don’t say that. Who are you, a mere human being, to argue with God? Should the thing that was created say to the one who created it, “Why have you made me like this?” 21 When a potter makes jars out of clay, doesn’t he have a right to use the same lump of clay to make one jar for decoration and another to throw garbage into?”

One thing God has taught me throughout my difficulties is that whatever occurs in my life, whether it may appear bad and I am not able to discern the reason for such occurrence, I have learned to just trust God knowing that He knows what’s best for me and my family. I still praise and give HIM thanksgiving even in my most difficult situations. And I have realized that whenever I pray and as I trust and give thanksgiving even in my difficult situations, His help quickly comes and is resolved. I must always remind myself that I am a lump of clay and God is my Potter. Clay can never question, reason or complain. Clay must be still and it must let the Potter make it into a useful vessel. When the lump of clay is still allowing the Potter to finish His job making the clay into a beautiful vessel, the Potter will be GLORIFIED.

Fire of God Ministries

Yoojin Kim
August 16, 2012


“Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus, 20 by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh, 21 and since we have a great priest over the house of God, 22 let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.”

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were commanded to make a tabernacle for God. The tabernacle was a sacred dwelling place for Daddy God and it was divided into three, the outer courtyard, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies or Most Holy Place.

And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst. 9 Exactly as I show you concerning the pattern of the tabernacle, and of all its furniture, so you shall make it.” Exodus 25:8-9

The inner room of the tabernacle was called the Holy of Holies or the Most Holy Place. The Holy of Holies was the most sacred room where the Ark of the Covenant was located. It was Daddy God’s special dwelling place. During the Israelites journey in the wilderness, Daddy God appeared to them as a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night in and above the Holy of Holies.

Only the high priest can enter the Holy of Holies once a year to offer blood for the atonement of their sins. No one can enter it unless he is a high priest or else he will die. Daddy God is pure and holy and man is impure and sinful. So anyone who is not a high priest and enters the Holy of Holies will die on the spot.

Inside the tabernacle, there was a thick curtain or veil that separated the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place. The Holy Place was the place where the altar of incense, golden lamp stand, and table for shew bread were located. Entry into the Holy Place is the privilege of the priests only. No others were allowed inside. The priests served Daddy God by doing daily activities inside the Holy Place.

Any common Israelites could enter the outer courtyard but only the priests can enter the Holy Place and only the High Priest can enter the Holy of Holies where Daddy God’s presence dwells. While I was pondering on this, Daddy God had impressed on me that we can now always enter the Holy of Holies where we can commune with Him and talk with Him. He had torn the thick veil that separates the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place when Jesus said His last words, “It is finished.” His presence is now accessible for all. Just as the veil was torn, Jesus body was broken for us, opening the way for us to come to God.

And the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom.” Mark 15:38

“But when Christ appeared as a high priest of the good things that have come, then through the greater and more perfect tent (not made with hands, that is, not of this creation) 12 he entered once for all into the holy places, not by means of the blood of goats and calves but by means of his own blood, thus securing an eternal redemption.” Hebrews 9:11-12

We can now boldly enter Daddy God’s presence. But sadly, many people were contented in the outer courtyard. They were contented listening to their priests or pastors only instead of personally listening to God. They often ask the pastors, priests and other Christians to pray for them instead of praying for their selves before God. They were afraid that Daddy God will not listen to their prayers. They fail to enter the Holy Place or the Holy of Holies that Daddy God had opened for them through Jesus. The reason why Daddy God had torn the veil of the Holy of Holies is for us to enter into it and be with Him. He wants us to commune with Him and draw near to Him in prayer. We must not remain and be contented in the outer courtyard. We must enter the Holy of Holies! We must spend more time in God’s presence.

Nowadays, there are many Christians whose service for Daddy God hinders them into entering the Holy of Holies. Just like the priests who could only enter the Holy Place to perform their ritual duties and service for God, many Christians failed to enter the Holy of Holies because their time was consumed with their service for God. Although it is good and necessary to serve Daddy God and do His works, we must not forget to have time with Him in prayer. Our service for Him must not hinder our communion with Him. Daddy God longs for our time of being with Him than our service. In the Bible, our defined purpose is that we might worship God and enjoy Him forever.

Because the Holy of Holies is now open, we can get close to God and enjoy fellowship with Him in a real way and experience His holiness. Only few people experience His presence because many fail to enter the Holy of Holies. Daddy God had torn the veil! Why stay in the outer court when we can enter in through Jesus?

“And since we have a great priest over the house of God, 22 let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.” Hebrews 10:21-22


-Daddy’s girl

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Days of Jeremiah

In the book of Jeremiah, the beginning chapters describe and explains why Israel was taken into captivity. Israel had played the harlot. They were backsliding. God said to them even though you have played the harlot, just return to Me and I will receive you. But they still continued into idolatry. This is the reason why God sent them into captivity.

Jeremiah 3:6,7 “Moreover, the Lord said to me [Jeremiah] in the days of Josiah the king [of Judah], Have you seen what that faithless and backsliding Israel has done—how she went up on every high hill and under every green tree and there played the harlot?7 And I said, After she has done all these things, she will return to Me; but she did not return, and her faithless and treacherous sister Judah saw it. 8 And I saw, even though [Judah knew] that for this very cause of committing adultery (idolatry) I [the Lord] had put faithless Israel away and given her a bill of divorce; yet her faithless and treacherous sister Judah was not afraid, but she also went and played the harlot [following after idols]. 10 But in spite of all this, her faithless and treacherous sister Judah did not return to Me in sincerity and with her whole heart, but only in sheer hypocrisy [has she feigned obedience to King Josiah’s reforms], says the Lord.11 And the Lord said to me, Backsliding and faithless Israel has shown herself less guilty than false and treacherous Judah.

The Lord said that Judah was more guilty than Israel. The reason is because in the days of King Josiah, the priest named Hilkiah found the Law of Moses. The Southern Kingdom, Judah had found the Word of God. So now, Judah had the Word of God. They had the instructions of God. Israel (the northern tribes) didn’t have the same opportunity as Judah (Southern tribes) had. Judah saw Israel was taken into the captives as a result of idolatry and backsliding but Judah refused to profit by it. Judah had found the Word of God but refused to listen to it. Do we have the wisdom to know this all sounds too familiar?

Americans have witnessed many judgments occurring around the world as a result of idol worshiping in many different countries. The American people are in possession of so many bibles and in many different versions. Yet, most of the Christians in America refuse to read and follow the Word of God. They just plainly refuse to read the bible. For this very reason, the judgment of Judah was greater than Israel. Americans have been given so much grace by God, it is amazing how much grace we are receiving.

Let us not become like Judah had become in the days of Jeremiah. Let us learn from history. Judah had witnessed the judgment of Israel and had received the Word of God but yet, refused to profit by it. A greater judgment is coming to America and the western church if she does not stop from backsliding and worshiping idols. We Christians must wake up and do our part. Let us fast and pray. Let us pray that this country repents and returns to her First Love. Otherwise, a great judgment is in the horizon as dark and difficult days are approaching.

Fire of God Ministries
Yoojin Kim
August 13, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

You are NOT allowed to be offended!

As Christians, we are NOT allowed to become offended. You must know and train yourself through His Power and Strength not to be offended by others. This is to die to ourselves. We are called to carry each other's burden and give grace to one another.

People will make mistakes. People will say and do things that will offended each other. People may say things without realizing it is hurting others. People will be offended over semantics. It is the Lord's desire they repent when they make a mistake against HIM or His Body. We are to show forth His Fruit of Love to lead people back to repentance.

You must walk and know living this act of Love become you. Love is NOT offended! If you hold resentment, bitterness, anger, hate, jealousy, malice, or the likes against your brethren or others, then you will not be able to walk in the full Light of HIM as those things will blind you from hearing HIM.

Matthew 5:22 (AMP) But I say to you that everyone who continues to be [a]angry with his brother or harbors malice (enmity of heart) against him shall be [b]liable to and unable to escape the punishment imposed by the court; and whoever speaks contemptuously and insultingly to his brother shall be [c]liable to and unable to escape the punishment imposed by the Sanhedrin, and whoever says, You [d]cursed fool! [You empty-headed idiot!] shall be [e]liable to and unable to escape the hell (Gehenna) of fire.

When one is offended, they will act and speak against such or such types of person with negative bias. Unless you walk in the fullness of Christ through His Love which holds NO OFFENSE, how will you be able to bear the Fruit of the Holy Spirit? Will we just talk about bearing it or will we manifest it? When we manifest His Love through our actions, we are believing! Otherwise, we are only giving HIM lip service and our hearts will be far from HIM.

Forgive and let go so that you may be Free in HIM. Forgive and let it go of what someone has just said to offend you. Forgive and let go of what someone has just gossiped of you. Is HE not your vindicator that you must defend yourself? Forgive others so you may begin to understand the depth of forgiveness that has been bestowed unto you by HIM through the Cross.

2 Timothy 2:24-26 (AMP) And the servant of the Lord must not be quarrelsome (fighting and contending). Instead, he must be kindly to everyone and mild-tempered [preserving the bond of peace]; he must be a skilled and suitable teacher, patient and forbearing and willing to suffer wrong. 25 He must correct his opponents with courtesy and gentleness, in the hope that God may grant that they will repent and come to know the Truth [that they will perceive and recognize and become accurately acquainted with and acknowledge it],26 And that they may come to their senses [and] escape out of the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him, [henceforth] to do His [God’s] will.

If you lose your house or job, will you be offended at your secular leaders such as Obama or others? Many hold resentment against their secular leaders as it is grossly portrayed even here on Facebook and as many Christians mock him. Am I defending Obama? No, I am trying to protect you. Does the federal or state government provide jobs to feed you or does God? So if God is our provider, then should we not go to HIM for all things? Perhaps, if you lose your job, house, or the likes, God is telling you to get on your knees and pray to understand His Righteousness through His judgments on you and this nation.

Whether one thinks other people are evil, deceived, or not, it is not your place to mock people whether they are believers or not. All human beings are God's highest creation who have been made in His image and if you have slanderous things to say about them, you are mocking the work of God's hands. You are thus mocking the Creator. Is it your place to judge those outside the House of God? Will we continue to mock the other people who believe in other religions? Will we continue to mock our secular leaders? Will we continue to mock people who makes mistakes? It is God's WILL that NO ONE PERISHES!

1 Corinthians 5:12-13 (AMP) What [business] of mine is it and what right have I to judge outsiders? Is it not those inside [the church] upon whom you are to pass disciplinary judgment [passing censuring sentence on them as the facts require]?13 God alone sits in judgment on those who are outside. Drive out that wicked one from among you [expel him from your church].

"Love does not take account of the evil done to it. It pays not attention to the suffering wrong. Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening]."

Spend your time in the Light knowing Jesus so that you may know LOVE. Many things including your gifts will pass away. The spiritual gifts bestowed to us are a means to draw closer to HIM so we may know the breadth, length, height, and depth His Love. Unless we know LOVE, we are NOTHING.

Ephesians 3:18-19 (AMP That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints [God’s devoted people, the experience of that love] what is the breadth and length and height and depth [of it];19 [That you may really come] to know [practically, [a]through experience for yourselves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses [b]mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] [c]unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and [d]become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]!

You must through His Grace experience the Love of Christ so that you will know such Love surpasses knowledge. We can acknowledge Love but can we know the realm of His Love that surpasses mere knowledge of it? Yes, we can if we walk in the Fullness of Christ.

Fire of God Ministries
Steve Yong Kim
August 12, 2012

The three witnesses on the earth

I John 5:6-8 This is He Who came by (with) water and blood [[a]His baptism and His death], Jesus Christ (the Messiah)—not by (in) the water only, but by (in) the water and the blood. And it is the [Holy] Spirit Who bears witness, because the [Holy] Spirit is the Truth.7 So there are three witnesses [b]in heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are One; 8 and there are three witnesses on the earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree [are in unison; their testimony coincides].

Scripture says there are three witnesses on the earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood. If we say we believe, let us receive the work of the cross by accepting Jesus and let His Blood cleanse us from our sins to make us the righteousness of God.

Romans 3:24-25 (AMP) [All] are justified and made upright and in right standing with God, freely and gratuitously by His grace (His unmerited favor and mercy), through the redemption which is [provided] in Christ Jesus,25 Whom God put forward [[a]before the eyes of all] as a mercy seat and propitiation by His blood [the cleansing and life-giving sacrifice of atonement and reconciliation, to be received] through faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, because in His divine forbearance He had passed over and ignored former sins without punishment.

Let the water then sanctify us and do its work. Is this a water baptism? No, it is the washing by His Word. But how are we to be sanctify if we do not read and act upon the Word of God?

Ephesians 5:26 (AMP) So that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word,

Let us therefore be led by the Spirit as HE is one of the three witnesses.

Romans 8:1 (AMP) Therefore, [there is] now no condemnation (no adjudging guilty of wrong) for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live [and] walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit.

Many know this verse that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. But as many other versions leave out, it is CONDITIONAL to one walking after the dictates of the Spirit and not the dictates of the flesh.

1 John 3:1-3 (AMP) See what [[a]an incredible] quality of love the Father has given (shown, bestowed on) us, that we should [be permitted to] be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are! The reason that the world does not know (recognize, acknowledge) us is that it does not know (recognize, acknowledge) Him.2 Beloved, we are [even here and] now God’s children; it is not yet disclosed (made clear) what we shall be [hereafter], but we know that when He comes and is manifested, we shall [[b]as God’s children] resemble and be like Him, for we shall see Him [c]just as He [really] is.3 And everyone who has this hope [resting] on Him cleanses (purifies) himself just as He is pure (chaste, undefiled, guiltless).

May you be cleansing yourself through the washing of the Word (reading/acting) and the Blood for redemption being led by the dictates of the SPIRIT! Let us not walk in ignorance. 

Mark 12:24 (AMP) Jesus said to them, Is not this where you wander out of the way and go wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God?

Fire of God Ministries 
Steve Yong Kim

Saturday, August 11, 2012


"I have searched among them for someone who could build a wall or stand in the gap before Me to keep Me from destroying the land; but I found no one. Therefore I have poured out My fury upon them; with My fiery wrath I have consumed them; I have brought down their conduct upon their heads, says the Lord GOD."  Ezekiel 22:30-31

 In Ezekiel 22, the sins of the Israelites had gotten so bad that Daddy God was seeking for someone who will intercede for the land, but He had found none. The priests, prophets, princes during that time were the ones who opposed Daddy God and the rests of the people of the land had followed them in their wickedness. Because Daddy God had found no one to stand in the gap, He’ll go on with His plan to punish the people.

This gap is the same today. Daddy God is looking for better men. He is looking from heaven, searching the Earth, looking all over the world seeking for a man/woman who will stand in the gap. Our world is full of sin and many people were dying and going to hell. But sadly, many among us are having good times and enjoying worldly things instead of kneeling and crying out before the Lord so that His people would be saved. We spend most of our time to nonsense things-- watching television, surfing the internet, playing games, working to earn more money, etc. Don’t we know that we will be accountable for every moment that we are wasting? If there is one thing that should consume most of our time, it is for praying. We must examine ourselves of what consumes most of our time that leads us far from God.

"Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city.” Jeremiah 5:1

In the Old Testament, the reason why Daddy God withdraws His hand in destroying the people was because there were few good men who stood in the gap and interceded for His people.  They pleaded with God to remember His people and His promises to them. In Exodus 32:32 Moses prayed: "If you would only forgive their sin! If you will not then strike me out of the book that you have written." Moses had stood in the gap. Moses was willing to sacrifice himself to be blot out from the Book of Life so that the Israelites would be saved and be forgiven.

“So he said he would destroy them--had not Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him to keep his wrath from destroying them.” Psalm 106:23

Queen Esther also stood in the gap and risked her life between her people and Haman’s plot to destroy them. Daniel, a righteous man stood in the gap and interceded for his people. In Daniel chapter 9, Daniel prayed: WE have sinned, WE are rebellious, WE are shamefaced etc.

In the New Testament, Paul prayed in Romans 9: "For I could wish that I myself were accursed and separated from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen, the Israelites."

Paul, Daniel, Moses, Esther and other good men had associated themselves with the sins of their people and they stood in the gap between God’s fiery wrath and their people. Daddy God is searching for some Moses, or Abraham, or Daniel, or a new Esther or any like Aaron in our generation that will stand in the gap and intercede for His people. He is searching for someone who has a heart that is willing to bear the burdens of the people and ask for forgiveness, someone who would faithfully exhort, reprove and counsel His people to turn back to Him. He is looking for someone who would restrain His people from sinning, and reform them, and set them a good example. He is looking for people who will spend their time praying for the people who are still in bondage of sin and Satan.

Who will stand in the gap? Jesus had stood in the gap between God and men. When Daddy God created the Earth, He said that “It was very good.” There’s no gap between God and Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve could talk and converse with God in person in the cool of the day in the garden of Eden. But after they had sinned, it created a gap between God and men. To bridge this gap, God Himself stood in the gap for us by sending Jesus to live as man, die on the cross for our sins, and arise from the dead.

Like our Savior Jesus, we must also stand in the gap. We should stand in the gap because Jesus stood in the gap for us on the cross. We are Daddy God’s representatives. We must be willing to sacrifice ourselves for His people. We are to stand in the gap on behalf of others who are not aware of their sinful condition. Are we willing to become a sacrificial offering to change Daddy God’s plans of judgment because of our willingness to stand in their place? If we stand in the gap for others, Daddy God moves but if we don’t, His plans will go forward because He is a holy and righteous God. Perhaps we are the only one in our home or in our city, or in our country who will stand in the gap. But Daddy God said that if ever there is one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, He will forgive.

"If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land."2 Chronicles 7:14

-Daddy’s girl

Friday, August 10, 2012


Matthew 14:26-31 And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said, It is a ghost! And they screamed out with fright.27 But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I Am! Stop being afraid! 28 And Peter answered Him, Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.29 He said, Come! So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, and he came toward Jesus.30 But when he perceived and felt the strong wind, he was frightened, and as he began to sink, he cried out, Lord, save me [from death]!31 Instantly Jesus reached out His hand and caught and held him, saying to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt?

For western Christians, many of us all think we have a good measure of faith. Yet, Jesus said that if our faith is small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains. I do not see many mountains being moved so that tells me that many of us do not even have the faith of a mustard seed. All He requires us is to have the faith the size of a mustard seed and He can work through us to do many great things for HIM. It is not just to move a mountain literally but it is to move the mountains of our lives. It is to conquer the Goliaths in our lives and of God's people.

When there is a Walmart down the road and we can draw water from our faucets with our bellies relatively full and having a roof over our heads, we can all easily say we have faith. But when those things are removed and if we are placed in a literal wilderness or desert with no food or water in sight, how many of us would be left standing in faith? Have we experienced in our walk with God to know miracles are real besides just hearing and talking of them? We must ask ourselves, do we have the faith to literally believe and call on food from the heavens as manna was provided for Moses and God's people? When we have never experienced such supernatural events in our lives, then how can we really know we have such a faith? Many of us can state it or claim it but when put in such position, will our faith be proved and genuine? How many Christians out there have genuinely experienced supernatural events and miracles to know God is faithful? It is fortunate that God may only require one person to have faith to save a nation or people. Although the majority of God's people complained and grumbled wanting to go back to Egypt, the faith of one person, Moses, was sufficient for God to supply water and food for the people.

To have faith in God is to be abiding in His Word and Will. Scripture says that if we ask in His Name, He will grant it to us. But this is conditional to our obedience keeping His commands as we continually stay in His Word and Will. How many of us Christians out there are actually receiving the answers to their prayers in His Name? One better ask themselves if they are continually abiding in His Word and Will. When we are in His Word and in His Will then our prayers will be according to His Will and purpose rather than for ourselves. He will answer our prayers as He will answer those who love HIM. They love HIM not just because they are able to say it but because they prove it by keeping His commands.

John 14:13-15 (AMP) And I will do [I Myself will grant] whatever you ask in My Name [as [a]presenting all that I Am], so that the Father may be glorified and extolled in (through) the Son.14 [Yes] I will grant [I Myself will do for you] whatever you shall ask in My Name [as [b]presenting all that I Am].15 If you [really] love Me, you will keep (obey) My commands.

Faith is not just the act of acknowledging something exist as many have perceived it to be. Faith is not something that will materialize just because one desires it to be. Faith works in accordance with the Word of God as one continues to hear HIM. Faith works as our steps are order by HIM and as we are in concert with HIM.

If Peter decided to step out into the water at his own will and his own time, then he would have sunk immediately. How many of us Christians out there seem to always be getting into trouble by stepping out on their own time and will getting ahead of God? Many Christians are erroneously led and taught and many go buy a car, a house or the likes in which they cannot afford and they buy on faith when in fact God did not tell them to step out. Many attempt to go on missions or the nations when they are not even spiritually prepared or ready. They must go when the Lord says, "Come!" Many servants of God build churches or expand without waiting for God to tell them to step out. They more or less step out on their own because God has told them He is about to tell them to step out.

It is a good thing that God did not tell Moses and the people before they left Egypt that they would cross the Red Sea. Otherwise, they would probably had pondered on how they would get across. If they were today's people, they would have received such word and started a fund raiser or telethon to build boats in His Name. And as they got close to the Red Sea with the Egyptians behind their backs, they would have rowed themselves across thanking and praising God for getting them across. If this had happened, it would have been grossly sad as men would have stolen His Glory. How can God be Glorified if men continue to steal His Glory by getting ahead of HIM? How can He be Glorified if He is not able to perform His miracles, signs, and wonders showing His Powers? Sadly, this what is happening frequently today. Many steal His Glory today. We must be led by the Spirit and not our fears.

Faith is real and genuine when we react to His Word. COME! Jesus said to Peter, "COME!" When the Word is given, then Peter is able to step out in faith walking on water. But as we step out, we will experience many storms of life attempting to sink us. If we continue to look at our circumstances, then we will be deceived and sink. When we come out onto the water, our eyes must be on Jesus continually.

Even though Peter sank, the Lord rebuked him and said "Oh, you of little faith, why did you doubt." Yes, the Lord out of Grace will many times save us as we cry out to HIM.  Yes, it was Peter who had denied the Lord three times. But we cannot continue to use the failures and shortcomings of Peter to justify our own weaknesses. At the end, Peter was a warring spiritual soldier for Christ. He had spiritually matured learning from his shortcomings, mistakes, and experiences. He did not stay in them. He was baptized by His Spirit and Fire. He had become a soldier of the cross who was eventually martyred.

We must all grow up. We cannot continue to deny our Lord. We cannot continue to sink. We cannot continue to steal His Glory. We must come to spiritual maturity coming into the fullness and completeness of Christ.

Ephesians 4:13-15 (AMP) [That it might develop] until we all attain oneness in the faith and in the comprehension of the [[a]full and accurate] knowledge of the Son of God, that [we might arrive] at really mature manhood (the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ’s own perfection), the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ and the completeness found in Him.14 So then, we may no longer be children, tossed [like ships] to and fro between chance gusts of teaching and wavering with every changing wind of doctrine, [the prey of] the cunning and cleverness of unscrupulous men, [gamblers engaged] in every shifting form of trickery in inventing errors to mislead.15 Rather, let our lives lovingly [c]express truth [in all things, speaking truly, dealing truly, living truly]. Enfolded in love, let us grow up in every way and in all things into Him Who is the Head, [even] Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).

Glory to HIM
Fire of God Ministries
Steve Yong Kim
August 10, 2012