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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Submit (Respect) our governing authorities

I hear many Christians following end time prophetic conferences/ministries where people are preaching things about a military coup against our President, the military force will be used to chasten USA, that Obama will be put on trial for treason, civil unrest, that it will not go well with Obama, UN troops invited here, guillotines, etc etc etc. Such messages are coming from big name "prophets."
Jesus never spoke against Pilot. He never spoke against Caesar. In fact, HE said pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. HE spoke against a wicked generation of HIS people of Pharisees. The wicked generation was trying to get Jesus mixed up with worldly politics by asking HIM if they should pay their taxes
At least these people have moved from President Obama being the Anti Christ to prophesying him of being put in jail. When will such people ever learn? When will such people stop chasing false messages and begin to seek the Lord Jesus in their lives rather than chasing fear and nonsense? When will such people stop allowing hatred to foster in their hearts?
Even though America is a Christian nation, it is still part of the world. The world will love its own and do what it wants. What do you really expect from such secular leaders? Rather than hate, we must love and pray. The bible says when we are in trouble, we are to pray and to pray unceasingly.
Matthew 24:4-6 Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, 5 for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many. 6 And you will hear of wars and threats of wars, but don’t panic.
Christians read these verses and they think the many that will come claiming to be Jesus will actually come and say they are "Jesus Christ or the Messiah." Yes, some will but for the Christians, this is too easy to discern. The devil is much smarter than all of you. When such people come claiming to be Jesus or in HIS name, such deceivers will come as ministers of light preaching in HIS Name proclaiming the gospel but are leading many to deception. They are not coming claiming to be Jesus but they are coming preaching Jesus and with a twist. Yes, it will sound very good. Yes, it will sound like the gospel for they will have many truth mixed with deception.
Matthew 24:23-26 “Then if anyone tells you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah,’ or ‘There he is,’ don’t believe it. 24 For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. 25 See, I have warned you about this ahead of time.26 “So if someone tells you, ‘Look, the Messiah is out in the desert,’ don’t bother to go and look. Or, ‘Look, he is hiding here,’ don’t believe it!
Many Christians spend a lot of money bouncing from one conference to another conference seeking to fill the void in their hearts. They allow messages of end time to fill them with fear and excitement. Yes, many are coming in HIS Name holding one conference to another conference. They are not preaching Jesus but they are preaching excitement of end days. It is easy to rally people preaching rapture. It is easy to rally and gather people preaching hate. It is easy to rally and gather people to preach against our leaders to find a scapegoat. Many people eat this up without any discernment and at the end their hot air that they have filled themselves with fizzle and most are back to square one. They are full of void and still no rest or peace. When will people learn?
Many Christians are out of order. We must be salt and light of the world. We must know as children of God, no matter what types of storms are occurring in the world, we are to be still and at peace in the midst of all storms. We are overcomers. We are followers of God's commandments.
As followers of God's commandments and to honor God, we must know spiritual authority and that all authorities are appointed by HIM. Whether persecution comes or we are at peace with our governments, we are to honor our leaders as the bible commands us. We are to pray for our leaders and show them RESPECT! We are to submit to our governments. If you do not like their policies, you are to pray and respect them without slandering them. Otherwise, we are judging God's authority.
Romans 13:1-5 Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. 2 So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished. 3 For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you. 4 The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong. 5 So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.
If you feel our country has taken the wrong path, do not blame the government but look at your own selves. If judgment comes to this nation, it is because the MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE on the earth which are GOD'S Children have failed by forsaking God.
We can watch four hours of sports but most cannot even pray for one hour. We can spend a lot of money for ourselves and go on vacation but we cannot tithe and offer to the MOST HIGH GOD. We give God one or maybe a two hour service once a week and we think we are a holy people. We can work long hours to get a raise or promotion but many refuse to serve God in HIS House. They do not want to help out in cleaning, preparing food, fixing things, making God's House look nice, and etc etc. Most are but LAZY and in a hurry to get home and watch TV or play golf as they offer their money to the enemy in entertainment on the Lord's Day breaking the 4th commandment.
Luke 23:28-29 But Jesus turned and said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem, don’t weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. 29 For the days are coming when they will say, ‘Fortunate indeed are the women who are childless, the wombs that have not borne a child and the breasts that have never nursed.’
When the country elects another president in 2016, then will he/she be the target of the same rhetoric? Will he be the newly Anti Christ proclaimed by these so called "prophets?"
Have we not learned from our mistakes yet? Why are so many Christians such a stiffed neck stubborn people who do not know God's ways? This is why many of your prayers do not get answered! Our hearts are wrong and out of order.
May you learn to chase HIM and know HIM more rather than events or your emotions.
Pastor Steve

Monday, September 15, 2014

Persecution and how you should handle it

2 Thess 1:4 We proudly tell God’s other churches about your endurance and faithfulness in all the persecutions and hardships you are suffering. 5 And God will use this persecution to show his justice and to make you worthy of his Kingdom, for which you are suffering. 6 In his justice he will pay back those who persecute you.

In the book of Acts as many were coming to Christ, many were gathered around Jerusalem and the other known areas where Jews lived. The Word of God is like a seed. When we first believed and become saved, the Word of God is planted in our hearts. Our hearts is the soil. However, like a seed, we must grow into full maturity. Yes, we are saved but we are also being saved and our salvation must come to full maturity. When a farmer sows a seed, they must wait a season, cultivating, and expecting a harvest such as fruit. God is expecting us to bear HIS fruit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit. If we do not bear fruit or if the storms or insects have have affected us and our roots are shallow, the tree may be uprooted and eventually such trees that do not bear fruit are cast away.

As the Christians in the days of Acts prayed, worshiped, fed on His Word and grew, many of them were probably pondering on how to evangelize to the other nations. They must have prayed asking God to open a way. We, Christians, must dig deeper into the Word to know HIS Ways. When we discern HIS ways, we will have peace, provisions, and His strength in the mist of all storms of life knowing HE is in full control and HE is allowing such things.

Therefore, to spread the seed or Word of God, how did HE answer their prayers. God allowed persecution to come into the land. Through persecution, the Christians scattered to all other nations thus spreading the Seed or Word of God. As a result of persecution, Christianity flourished in the midst of such storm. Without persecution, many of the Christians may not have answered God's calling but stayed at home in their comfort.

We must understand, God allows difficult tests, trials, and tribulations to come onto our lives so that we may birth testimonies and glorify HIM. How are we to glorify HIM if our lives are living on a beach drinking coconut water evangelizing or testifying laying on a beach towel? This is not to say this may not happen but to make us worthy of HIS Kingdom, we are called to suffer. We must learn to embrace suffering. But in our culture and in this century, many Christians are like the world, we have fatten ourselves for the slaughter and we have a very low tolerance for suffering and enduring hardship.

When persecution comes to God's people, how are they to respond and pray? Are they to pray preventing persecution and suffering? This is why many Christians are stuck. They are not praying according to the Will of God but they are praying to seek their comfort and security. For example, maybe during persecution some had lost their homes and are still praying for their homes to be restored. But perhaps, God wants them out of their homes and wants them to do HIS Work and this is why HE allows persecution to come.

Let us look at above scriptures. God is allowing persecution so that HE may reveal HIS JUSTICE and to MAKE US WORTHY FOR HIS KINGDOM. If this is the case, then we are called to endure such suffering for HIS Glory and rather than complaining we need to be praying for strength and the power to persevere and endure all things for HIS Glory.

Whether persecution, famine, war, pandemics, or other worldly crisis, God is in full control and HE is allowing such things. HE is testing HIS people for their worthiness in the Kingdom. Moreover, there is purpose to such events and since many do not know God's ways, they are called to live in faith and to stay in prayer without ceasing. The bible says we must thank God in ALL our circumstances. Yes, HE is working behind the scenes and we must endure any hardship or suffering so that HE may be glorified. Rather than living in fear of crisis, we as Christians who live in faith and know HE is faithful can weather all storms of life in peace even though the world may be in chaos.

For those who pass their tests and endure suffering and hardships will find REST in HIM. Those who overcome are truly born of God.

2 Thess 1:11-12 May he give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do. 12 Then the name of our Lord Jesus will be honored because of the way you live, and you will be honored along with him. This is all made possible because of the grace of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Steve Yong Kim
Fire of God Church
Fremont, CA USA

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Righteous anger?

I see many Christians watching events of news or worldly figures and get angry. Then they state they are able to become "righteously angry" over what they see. Many of them puff and huff and become carnal and flesh. Why do you get angry? Will you take revenge?

Christians are not allowed to get angry. We are not allowed to get angry at our persecutors, tormentors, or enemies. We are called to be peacemakers. We are called to live in harmony. The only Person allowed to become righteously angry is God. We are not God in which we can choose to become angry at people or events. Our job is to pray when trouble comes. Our job is to pray at all times unceasingly.

Romans 12:14-19 Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them. 15 Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep. 16 Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all! 17 Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. 18 Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. 19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say,

“I will take revenge;
    I will pay them back,"
    says the Lord.

Scripture tells us to leave the righteous anger to God. If, we, Christians, choose to become angry and assume we can take on this role of being "righteously angry" then we thus judge people. Since God is the only one allowed to judge people, HE is the only one who can become righteously angry to take revenge or pay back.

Even Moses was not allowed to become angry when God's people irritated him like a bunch of babies wanting food and water. Those who are called to lead or serve in HIS ministries are not allowed to become angry. When Moses disobeyed and struck the Rock twice, God held him responsible for not sanctifying HIM. God basically told Moses, you cannot be like the lay believers or baby Christians who get irritated and angry. You must represent ME properly and Moses was punished as he was not able to go into the promise land.

Cast away your anger and rage and put on your NEW NATURE!!

Col 3:8-10 But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language. 9 Don’t lie to each other, for you have stripped off your old sinful nature and all its wicked deeds. 10 Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him.

James 1:20 (NLT) "Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires."

Pastor Steve Yong Kim
Glory to HIM
Fire of God Church

A Church Birthed by the Spirit of the Lord -An Issac Church

From 2 adults and 3 kids, God told us to go open a church in 2012. Before Church opened, we had 4 adults and 4 children. With 8 people and 1 1/2 years opened, the stem is getting stronger and the branches are growing with leaves about to come forth. The buds are appearing and the season to bear much enduring fruit is near. Preparing for Kingdom Glory. All Glory to HIM

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You have spiritual experience and now you think you can lead?

Your spiritual experience or spiritual gifts do not give you spiritual authority. One may have seen demons or angels. One may have been shown the throne of God. One may have encountered the spiritual realm. One may have dreams and visions. One may flow in other supernatural gifts. But these do not give one spiritual authority. Just because a Christian is allowed spiritual experience does not mean they are spiritual either. These things do not make one a spiritual leader. What are their fruit?

Jude 1:8 (NLT) In the same way, these people—who claim authority from their dreams—live immoral lives, defy authority, and scoff at supernatural beings

But why would God allow a greater spiritual experience for some and not necessarily others? In many cases, the spiritual experience is allowed to many Christians to help them with their unbelief. It is because of their weaker faith and to help them believe. But rather humbling themselves, many assume they are more spiritual and can become puff up with pride. 

Therefore, many with prophetic gifts assume they have spiritual authority because they speak for God. But many with the prophetic gifts do not yet have spiritual authority. They may just have a message or word from God. This is not to say that some do not have authority. When one has a message from God, then that Word has authority but we are to submit to that message. We are to submit to God. Authority is granted as one submits to authority. But many messengers use this gift to take authority upon themselves after the fact as though they are the message. 

The mark of spiritual authority is the anointing on a person. The greater the anointing the greater the authority. And with the anointing the spiritual gifts work and operate in concert to edify the church. 

For example, The spiritual gifts are like tools for a builder. The builder must know how to design and build a building and the tools are used to help him build. But many have tools and boost of their tools but they do not know how to build. However, some might have a hammer and they want others to follow him because he has a hammer. But God has given some hammers, some shovels, some saws, some axes, and etc. But those with these tools must find the project manager who has the anointing to lead the group to build as Jesus is giving the plans to the project manager. Many project managers may have the tools or may have tools coming therefore the workers must wait for the timing to build. But just because some have been given the tools early, they think they can start building on their own. And sadly, many focus too much on their tools and compare how the others do not have any tools. 

Isaiah 10:15 (AMP) Shall the ax boast itself against him who chops with it? Or shall the saw magnify itself against him who wields it back and forth? As if a rod should wield those who lift it up, or as if a staff should lift itself up as if it were not wood [but a man of God]!

What is my point? My point is although many Christians are attracted to spiritual things, we are not to follow the spiritual things. We are to follow Jesus. We are to subject ourselves to God. The spiritual gifts and things are there to help up draw closer to God. Scripture says the gifts will pass away. 

Many internet ministries and churches have started on the authority of peoples' dreams, visions, prophecy, or spiritual experiences. There are too many Ishmaels that have been born. You must follow where God has told you to follow HIM. This can be marked by the anointing of a ministry or person and not the necessarily the gifts. Yes, the gifts should be there but the gifts are there to confirm the anointing. The anointing and gifts are there to " stimulate and promote the faith of God’s chosen ones and to lead them on to accurate discernment and recognition of and acquaintance with the Truth which belongs to and harmonizes with and tends to godliness resting in the hope of eternal life."

You shall know them by their fruit and not necessarily by their gifts. 

1 Cor 13:13 And so faith, hope, love abide [faith—conviction and belief respecting man’s relation to God and divine things; hope—joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation; love—true affection for God and man, growing out of God’s love for and in us], these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Fire of God International Church 
Pastor Steve Yong Kim

July 15, 2013