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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spiritual dialysis ( a function of the wilderness ) by Deacon Jeremiah Hopes

One aspect of the wilderness is that it is a place of cleansing and preparation . ...But how ? 

In the natural a person who over a period of time continues to eat bad and unhealthy food can will develop kidney problems . With enough time and abuse of kidneys through unhealthy eating habits the kidneys can fail causing a person die . In the natural to treat this a person will be put on dialysis . Which a machine that externally cleans the blood . 
This person must do treatments everyday for several hours a day and change there eating habits . If this person does not do the treatments which clean waste from the blood and change eating habits to eat more healthy they will die . 

The dialysis is not a permanent fix its temporary . Until the person can get a new kidney by receiving a kidney transplant . The catch is new kidneys are limited and are only given to those who have the best chance of survival . 

Our wilderness is very similar . This is where we learn to stop eating the unhealthy things if the world and begin to eat healthy spiritual food ( the word of God ) While at the same time begin treatments of spending time in prayer repenting so we get cleansed from all the sin already in our hearts . 

The goals is to receive a new heart and a new spirit which is gods promise . But if we do not complete this process we will not be good candidates to receive the new spiritual organs  just like in the natural . 

If we receive a new heart with out completing this process well ruin the new organ like we did the old and be held accountable for squandering what God has given us . Like Saul who the bible says received a new heart and was changed into another man . He prophesied with the prophets but could not maintain this spiritual level because he was not trained to stay clean and separate  from the world . So he became deluded and disobeyed God and was judged for his sin . He never repented . 

6 And the Spirit of the Lord will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.

1 Samuel 10 7 and 9 

7 And let it be, when these signs are come unto thee, that thou do as occasion serve thee; for God is with thee.

9 And it was so, that when he had turned his back to go from Samuel, God gave him another heart: and all those signs came to pass 

When we are clean the lord will say to us like he did his deciples you are already clean . My word has made you clean . You only need wash your feet . 

John 13:10

Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.

As for us who are still being made clean we need to continue in our wilderness  to completion On dialysis until we receive our new hearts as we understand more the function of the wilderness we should all embrace the wilderness . 

Our perspective must change . Life is not in the abundance of our possessions nor in having many experiences or much education or knowing many people . 

A person who thinks this way still loves the world and the things of the world therefor the love of the father is not in him . 

But true life is received only from intimacy with Christ and sustained through full obedience and total surrender . 

May God receive all the glory for his revaluation and May we all be like David . Men and women after Gods  own heart .. amen 

Deacon Jeremiah Hopes Sr
Fire of God Church

Friday, September 2, 2016

"My Food" by Deacon Jeremiah Hope Sr.

John 4:34 my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work 

This was Jesus reply to the disciples who returned expecting him to be hungry . But he had been ministering and doing Gods work . When they returned he had been fed spiritually. This spiritual food is eternal food . In heaven we will not need to eat or sleep to live . We will be totally sustained by the energy of God . This energy is available now as we fully obey and tap into this power source that is flowing down from Jesus through pastor Kim and through pastor Steve and pastor Yoogin . 
All of our physical bodies get energy through the physical food they eat but the problem is that this energy for the physical body will only sustain you so long, if you have not learned to tap into Gods energy source or spiritual food . You will get sick and die when the body ( the flesh ) dies  

This is the reason Joshua and kaleeb the two obedient servants out lived the rest of the children of Israel who died in the wilderness  this is why kaleeb testified that he was strong as a thirty year old when he was 80 . This is the reason Moses could live 80 days with no food no water on mount Sinai . I believe This is why pastor Kim can live on two hours sleep There are more examples of this but I'll shorten for the sake of time . The basic idea is that the citizens of Gods kingdom should not grow weak and sick as they get old . The bible never says that children of the kingdom died but that they slept . Death is working in the citizens of this world and manifest in sickness and death but in us this should not be . 

The wilderness process is about more then just letting go of idols . It is also about unplugging from the world system . Which  is spiritually feeding  people . And plugging into the kingdom of God . The ways of the world and how it functions and the ways of the kingdom and how it functions are different . We try to relate certain things so that we can understand but in many things it doesn't relate . The children of Israel were born into an idolatrous false world system . Just as we are . We are fed by this system  all our lives . The deception is bigger then we realize . 

In the wilderness they ate manna spiritual food but Christ told us that he is the true manna that came down from  heaven and those who eat his flesh and drink his blood will never die . Even though they ate the manna they where still full of the world so they didn't believe which led to disobedience . 

Do not love the world not the things of the world . If any man loves the world the love of the father is not in him . The love of the father is perfect love which cast out fear . They didn't have his love that's why they were to afraid to obey Gods command to Enter the promise land . The same will be true for us if we still love the world . We will not be able to enter the spiritual realm for fear and even if we do we'll be easily deceived  

When we die to our selves and unplug from this world system . What we believe will become more real then what we think we see . And all the lies we have been taught will begin to become obvious . I experience some of this, this week and I spent several days in shock . 

When we fast our bodies switch from getting energy from glycogen which is basically sugar to using stored energy or fat . The Second energy source ( fat ) actually has more energy then the first as fat has 9 cal per gram vs carbs or sugar which has only 4 Calories per gram . 
Spiritually same thing when we fast from the world we will switch over to a different energy source that will be more powerful. The problem is that to fast the stomach my be empty for a period of time . It may not be comfortable at first.but it gets easier as we adapt . most people are not use to the feeling of there stomach being empty . They perceive that something is wrong and immediately seek to find something to fill the stomach . We will Not die if the stomach is empty for a period of time . 

Spiritually same thing when we fast from the world by Turning off tv radio Internet ect. for a period of time . We don't realize our hearts are constantly being fed by the world . It is uncomfortable for our hearts to be empty as we switch over to this different energy source From Gods kingdom . 

If we do not die and unplug from the world ( the matrix ) satan will still have some level of control over us . One scary thing is there is church in the matrix or the world system . Many spend there whole lives in a church that has a form of godliness but has no power . 

We must chose either to be full of the world or full of Jesus but we cannot be full of both. 
If you try be full of Jesus and the world there won't be room for Jesus because you are already full of the world . Then he will say foxes have holes and birds have nest but the son of man has no where to lay his head 

As always it come down to our choices . Let us choose God. Deny our selves and fully obey . We will experience victory in the promise land or spiritual realm only in proportion to how much we have died to ourselves and emptied ourselves of the world it's idols and anything else that is not of God   

Deacon Jeremiah Hope Sr.
Fire of God Church