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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Stop looking for the familiar

Isaiah 43:18-19 "FORGET the former things; do NOT dwell on the past. 19 See, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
"I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."
God is making a way. HE is making a road where it is impossible.
If we had never heard of the Red Sea part before God parted the Red Sea, many would have not had believed it. Prior to God parting the Red Sea through Moses, many or all who had left Egypt may not have believed it. But yet, even during Moses' generation, God was doing a new thing. HE fed manna from heaven. HE gave water from a traveling ROCK. HE fed millions meat as HE sent quail. Such things were new. We read it and because it has been written thousands of years ago, we can accept it.
People and Christians have more of a hard time believing in something new that is for the "Now." They can believe the past as it is written. But to actually have the faith to believe it in their time is a little more difficult.
"See, I am doing a new thing!"
As each generation reads the bible, there is something God will be doing "new!" What is this new thing for our generation. The bible says to actually "Forget the former things. Do not dwell on the past."
This does not mean we should delete it from our memory. It means do not think that those previous path or way will be used again for the new generation. For example, in the past, man communicated through carriers, horses, ships, or they sent a man running to deliver messages. Then the telegraph was invented. First it was the Morse code. Then people were actually able to communicate through a wire.
Today, we have the cell phone. Should we continue to send a man running to deliver a message? Should we continue to use the Morse code? No, absolutely not! We don't need to dwell on those previous technologies. At that time, they were the new technologies. As we use the cell phone, should we yearn to see the old Morse code used? Should we yearn and expect a running man to deliver a message to us? No, today, we have email, UPS, FedEx, internet, Ecard, etc.
What if a third world country or some people in remote areas refuse to accept the new technology? What if they want to continue to use a running man to deliver messages? Then such culture or people will be stuck.
For each generation, we must have an open heart and mind to receive what "New Path or Way God will create in the wilderness." If we had never heard that a stream can appear in the wilderness, then we may not accept it if we are told it can be done. This means, when we hear of it, it will sound like a strange thing. It will not be an old thing. It will not be a comfortable thing to hear because we cannot associate with it. In fact, they may call it a cult. When Jesus walked the earth, although HE was to be recognizable and spoken about HIS coming, they still could not accept the new things HE did outside their "Box" of thinking. The Pharisees knew the written word but they could not understand it spiritually.
I cannot tell you the New thing God may have done before I was born or the generations before me. But in my lifetime, God has rescued me from religion and from denomination mentality and into the freedom of the Spirit.
"Where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is Freedom."
If we have addictions, depression, discouragement, suicidal thoughts, extreme poverty, fights, death, robbery, etc, then how is the Spirit there and reigning? Then you are only in religion as an individual or group. So the question remains. Are we becoming Free from glory to glory because we have the Spirit of the Lord, or are we still walking in bondage and problems. This new path through the wilderness will be some kind of miracle. It will be some great testimony God is doing in your life. It is not a person pursuing conference to conference, church to church, people to people, seeking prayer for relief. Such people are but going in circles in their wilderness.
Jesus said HE had come to cast Holy Fire. In our Holy Fire Ministry, God has imparted to us a Holy Dance Gift. Is this a new thing? Perhaps or perhaps not but it is a new path for me. If God can move our tongue with the gift of tongue, then obviously, HE can move our bodies as we dance in the Spirit of the Lord. And there are many more things, I can testify of the "New Way" HE has created for me personally from the old man to NEW MAN.
May you find the New Path in your wilderness for this new year 2019.
Fire of God Church 
Pastor Steve

Joy comes when you achieve breakthrough

Psalm 51:9-12 “Hide my sins from your face; erase all my guilt by your saving grace. 10 Create a new, clean heart within me. Fill me with pure thoughts and holy desires, ready to please you. 11 May you never reject me! May you never take from me your sacred Spirit!
Verse 12 
“Let my passion for life be restored, tasting joy in every breakthrough you bring to me. Hold me close to you with a willing spirit that obeys whatever you say.”
Christians do not have true joy because JOY comes as we achieve and experience breakthroughs.
Breakthrough comes through full obedience.
Frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger comes through stubbornness and disobedience.
Discern the fruit you have been harvesting and humble yourselves to change this new year. I mean FULLY change. Humility through full submission. Whatever the Lord requires you to do, fully commit. Where ever the Lord requires you to go or move, fully commit.