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Thursday, March 29, 2018

May the Lord’s kind favor and heavenly peace be upon you!

May the Lord’s kind favor and heavenly peace be upon you!
As I speak these words, in order to receive by faith will require some action. When God spoke of salvation, HE sent His Son. But people must believe and receive His Son. Is this just a thought? It is received into your thought and then into your heart and produced in action. You start to make changes through His Grace. The old must begin to go and the new must come forth. A seed was planted. It must grow roots, stem, leaves, and bud fruit. You must forsake sin.
How do we receive God’s kind favor and His heavenly peace? You must walk in righteousness and in love within all areas your life. Walking in sin will not produce righteousness. You cannot smoke, drink alcohol, continue to watch porn or horror movies and the likes, you cannot be a part time Christian, you cannot be a greedy Christian stealing God’s money, you must honor your authority, you cannot break His 4th commandments living like the world, you cannot put your family first, you cannot put your future first, be under proper spiritual covering, and so forth.
Do you know what is to walk in righteousness and love? Yes, you are saved and you are His righteousness but you are still in this world and must now choose to walk in His Love and Righteousness.
You cannot live like worldly people or be a part time Christian and think you will receive God’s favor and heavenly peace. The world belongs to the devil and if you want to participate in it you will not participate in the heavenly peace but rather the plagues, chaos, and curses of the world.
God requires us to separate ourselves from the world and take the earth back preparing His return. You are called to live a life of glory, not a life of defeat.
A life of holiness and obedience will produce a walk in righteousness and love thus showing evidence of His consistent favor and peace. Discern your walk and make a choice to live a life fully surrender to Him. The key word is “Fully.”
Pastor Steve Kim
Fire of God

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