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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Your sins will be laid on your children

“‘The Lord is slow to anger and filled with unfailing love, forgiving every kind of sin and rebellion. But he does not excuse the guilty. He lays the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected—even children in the third and fourth generations.’”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭14:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

"HE lays the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected."

God picks and works through certain key people. Such people are the key where their actions will affect their entire family whether for good or bad.

If the key person obeys, the entire family can be saved and blessed. If the key person disobeys, the entire family can be in serious trouble. We see in the Bible when it came to Achan (Joshua 7) and Korah, their decision ( they were in authority for their families), affected not only their entire family but their livelihood, land, and possessions. Everything was not only cursed, they were all judged and eliminated. The Bible says those who refuse to be circumcise
d (spiritually now of the heart) will be cut off from Him.

As it says in Joel, while there is still time, come to Him.

“That is why the Lord says, “Turn to me now, WHILE THERE IS TIME. Give me your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning.”
‭‭Joel‬ ‭2:12‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Monday, May 22, 2017

Is God your center?

Nehemiah 8:2-3 Ezra the priest did as they asked, bringing God’s law to Israel. The community included both men and women—anyone who was able to understand was welcomed. This gathering took place on the first day of the seventh month. 3 Facing the people in the square, next to the water gate, he began to read excerpts. The document was massive, and just reading parts took him six or seven hours, from daybreak until noon. Everyone who was there heard him: men, women—anyone with the ability to understand. As he read, they were focused and listened carefully to the book of the law.
When God's people had returned to Him from exile, the book of the law was read in front of the people for many hours. In fact, it was read from night to noon.
As individuals, when we return to Him and as we get our lives in order for Him, we need to be spending hours of our time in His Word and in prayer rather than being just Sunday or part time Christians and continuing our old way of life in sin and living as secular Christians.
The returning Jews did not know God's ways and law. As they had lived in exile, they had to learn what they did wrong and bring proper order. Today is no different, many Christians live lives of spiritual exile within the world. They do know a certain degree of sin they are living in but still they are ignorant of His laws and commandments for a holy living. As spiritual exiled Christians, many today live empty lives. Yes, they may go to church or they may go to church here and there, but their lives are empty regardless of their wealth, health, and families.
The exiled Jews were gone so long from Jerusalem that they did not know the rituals nor the prescribed ways of holding the feasts and days. Today, although we live in the age of grace, many Christians break God's laws in tithing, 4th commandment, live sinful lives, have not read the whole bible even though it is everywhere, and etc.
Our label as Christians will not allow us to enter heaven. We must be born again Christians who have the faith to overcome the world. If we are Christians, then we must do what the title says. A professional football player does what he is called to do. He practices for hours and hours to be a football player. As a professional Christian, our time must be to spend hours and hours in Him with the Word and prayer. God must be the center of our lives. Everything we do should reflect Him.
May we return to Him as a true people of God.

Do not choose your own leader

“Then they plotted among themselves, “Let’s choose a new leader and go back to Egypt!””
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭14:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬
The background to this scene is after the twelve spies had come back from scouting the promise land. The ten spies or leaders of the ten tribes had given a bad report. Therefore, they instilled fear among the people and they were conspiring to go back to Egypt by abandoning Moses. It really meant they were going to abandon God.
The promise land represented a new level and season with a higher level of blessing. But in order to obtain this blessing, they had obstacles. These obstacles were the giants who were in the land. The giants appeared like impossible mountains to them.
As God wants to take us to a new level of anointing and blessings, your old demons will come back. These demons are plotting to convince you to go back to Egypt. They want you to pick leader and go back to Egypt. Picking your own leader is to pick your own church that is easier and another pastor that will give you an easier gospel. Going back to Egypt is going back to your old ways, habits, problems, addictions, depression, chaos, and sin. It is no longer walking with the Lord.
You must choose to fight and overcome these old demons. Conquer and possess the new land! Awaken and move forward. Circumcise that heart of yours and endure for His Glory! I know some of you are tired. You are a soldier for God. Much is at stake. No turning back. Arise and shine!

Monday, March 6, 2017

2017, Casting holy fire in Africa - Pastor Kim Yong Doo

During the East African revival meeting of Maasai tribe, I preached about purpose and goal. When we say, “purpose”, it is kind of a vision and dream. You have something that you need to do in the future and it is like a vision, dream and plan. In order to accomplish the purpose what do you need to do? You need to posses a goal. Purpose is a means to accomplishing your goal. You need to plan and decide on carrying out your daily given tasks. You need to continue to plan and decide on carrying out the tasks for the week and year. It is a goal when you are continuously accomplishing your task. Purpose may seem similar but it is different. In order to accomplish the purpose what do you have to do? In the book of Daniel chapter one verse eight said,

“Daniel 1:8 (NLT) But Daniel was determined not to defile himself by eating the food and wine given to them by the king”

When you plan and you are determined and focused, you will not have anything that you will not be able to accomplish. Begin praying as you plan and are determined. Even if you are doing lower level of work or task, you must grant meaning to it. You need to grant meaning as you think, “God is pleased because I am doing this work/task. God is glorified.”

It does not matter if you were born lowly, if you are not educated, if you are a handicap, and even if you are in a difficult circumstance, only if you do the daily given tasks as best as can, God will intervene in your lives without you realizing it. God will then untie/and solve all the twisted and coiled matters in your lives. All of sudden, someone will come into your life to grant you help. When God intervenes, some kind of event will occur. When we pray, our prayer will influence the spiritual realm and influence the natural realm. You as one person is very important. This was the message I’ve preached to the students in Maasai tribe.

On the second day of the holy fire conference, I spoke about Rhema and Logos. Logos is the written Word of God from the book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. It is like a textbook with knowledge. This is the most standard, basic, and the foundation. The problem with the Logos oriented churches are that they neglect and ignore God’s given good plan, will, meaning, inspiration, impression, gifts and talent. This is the area of Rhema. God has a plan and will in our lives. There are things(or thing) that God desires to accomplish. Through the foundation and basic Word of God, we will learn. Through reading and learning the bible, we will gain knowledge. The more we learn and the more we read, we will feel blessed. But if there is no Rhema, the powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit will not be displayed. Rhema is revelation, spiritual power, holy gifts, healing, and so on. Rhema is about the spiritual matter. The more you pray, the more God will intervene. People want God to work and manifest for them and this involves Rhema. Although people are waiting for God to manifest in their lives, they are only focused on the Word of God and always Logos oriented. In this way, they will miss the timing of God. Everyone’s timing is different. The timing moves. God grants timing to people. God will continuously grant spiritual timing to everyone. But if they keep on losing and failing to realize their timing with God, that timing and opportunity will be given to someone else.

We need to pray, “Please create timing for me!”

God posses good intentional purpose and plan. Adam and Eve shattered
had the image of God when they had sinned. They became corrupted. There was no way to restore them. Someone had to come. Although God continuously sent prophets in the Old Testament, it did not work. God sent the Word of God which is Logos but it did not work. Word with Rhema did not work. Ultimately, the Son of God had to come and carry out the work. The Son of God personally had to come and show, assure, teach and preach the Word of God. In the end, Jesus had to die on the cross in a brutal way by being wronged and without sin. But His death was not the end. He sent another Person. This Person is the Holy Spirit. It is initially easy to be saved. But when it comes to the content of salvation, it is not going to be easy. In fact, it will be more difficult.

When we speak about salvation, we need to know the duality of salvation. Receiving salvation may be easy but the content of salvation will be difficult. It is like two sides of a coin. It will be great if the seminary school teaches about it. The seminary school teaches and appoint pastors and dispatches them. But most of whom the school dispatches experience failure. I explained this to the students of a Maasai Tribe. When it comes to the will of God, there will be two. One is the fixed will and the other is the flexible will. There are people who believe the Word of God as only having a fixed will. These people believe their fate will turn out in a certain way. They would think they were born in a certain way and therefore, their lives will turn out in certain way and they believe they will die in a certain way. If they will continue to think in such a way, that’s how they will live. The other will of God is called the flexible will. For example, when you read the bible, there was a person with a fatal illness. But he prayed and lived. When the person prayed, Rhema or the spiritual thing had worked unto the person. Depending on a person’s faith, determination, will, and their spiritual level, God will work in various way.

 You have to think, ‘I thought I had possessed faith. But why did I obtain sickness? What should I do now?’

Even though many people read the same Word of God, some people will have the Word penetrate as Rhema. People who have the Word of God penetrating into their hearts as Rhema will be determined.

“I need to change direction. I need to change my thinking and conception, and change my habit and lifestyle. I need to use my free will.”

Due to Peninnah’s harassment, Hannah prayed with confession in the temple of God. She prayed so fervently that Priest Eli thought she was drunk with wine. Hannah expressed her sadness in such a way. It also depends on how much passion a person possesses.

In Kenya, with the Masai tribe, I’ve ministered to many students with holy fire. Some women repented with snot and tears. Some men fell on the floor and began crying. One student was from the Congo. His father was a pastor of a Methodist church but his father was fugitive. Therefore, this student was left all alone. The student played drums and his ability of playing the drums was amazing. There was no instrument he could not play. When we began ministering with holy fire, the girls began manifesting as the evil spirits were exposed. When we ministered to the missionaries and the principle of the school, they began crying and falling. At first, we agreed to spend only one hour for the conference, but the conference ended at twelve midnight. They said that no conference went over ten o’clock evening.

The people in Masai said that they needed rain. They have not seen rain for a long time. But as soon as our holy fire team member began holy dancing, heavy rain began to fall. The Lord gracefully worked. I was preaching about the timing and the Lord worked with rain at the right time.

Jesus had come to this earth with a good motive. Jesus knew that He would have to be crucified and cruelly die. Jesus knew He would have be naked, mocked, whipped and beaten. Jesus knew that this was the only way for us to obtain salvation. It is the same thing with us. We may not want to go and we may not want to do, but someone has to go and do in order for other souls to be saved.

Missionary An Chang Ho who is working as the missionary for the Masai people had first went there twenty six years ago. God has decided His will and plan for each person. People have their own creativity within God’s will and plan. People try to do something but they also make many mistakes, fail and get hurt. But still, within the faith and grace of God which is given to us, we must utilize our mistakes, failure, and hurt as much as possible.

“Utilize it as much as you can!”

We are living in a suffocating world. We may have failed, made mistakes and have hurt but we must continuously move forward. We must continuously express. You must become completely creative, nice and the person who is able to converse with all types of people. You must be a person who endlessly challenges your faith and sacrifice. It is a hard thing to do. There are many gifts given by God. One of the gifts is the uniqueness of a person. God has granted to you some kind of uniqueness, and a peculiar color which you are the only person who owns it. God has made us into a peculiar art piece. Everyone has their own ambience. We all have spiritual ambience such as a blessed ambience. A blessed ambience is created as a person speaks, acts, behave, and make such a facial expression. God has sent us to this earth as He predestined our lives and our existence. God has sent us with a purpose like how Jesus was predestined with a purpose. When God sent us to this earth, God already had intention. We must please God as we find out His intention toward us. We are born on the earth to glorify God with at least one thing in our lives.

The people in the Masai tribe and the students do not posses vision. No matter how good they may have studied from elementary school, middle school and high school, if they are not able to find any job, they will have to go back to their life of no vision. Their homes are made out of cow manure.

Psalm 115:16 (AMPC)  The heavens are the Lord’s heavens, but the earth has He given to the children of men.

This can also be interpreted that the people are responsible for all the things that are occurring on the earth. The matter of household, the matter of church, the matter within your lives, and all the other matters have been granted to us by giving us responsibility. God has given us responsibility.

 “You are responsible for all the things that are occurring on the earth. You are responsible for things that are occurring in your household. You are responsible for things that are occurring in your church.”

God has given responsibility to you.

“All the earth is your allotment. You must manage your allotment. It is your responsibility. Your country, your city, your region, your household and your church, they are all under your responsibility.”

What if this is how the Lord desires, what should we do? Therefore, our mission is big. We must relate certain words in the bible such as, ‘Whoever, whatever, whenever, wherever, however, how much more and etc.’ These words are related to prayer and the power of God. Therefore, if we only properly utilize these words, we can transform all things. God can work through anyone. But, God requires a person to be constant, faithful, and a person who makes peace with everyone. So I preached to the Masai students relating to God’s power, the prayers answered and the promises of God. When I preached, they began to be awaken.

When we give something to God without expectation and when we are not even aware of it, God will always give back things that are much bigger and better. I always think about this. When we think about the will of God, there are fixed will and the other will that has variables. In other words, the second type of will has flexibility. When will God’s will work with variables? This depends on a person’s faith, determination, thinking, and concept. When you are driven to the corner by God, make a determination to pray and fast as you entrust all things to God. Remember, this way, God’s work will manifest. You will not be able to know the reason why God has sent us to this earth, overnight. We easily know our physical birth date. But once we receive God’s grace, we will know why we were born. Why we are sent.  What we will do. What kind of mission we have and why God has chosen us. We will realize it. We will not know about our calling. Why He has chosen us. What kind of work we will carry out and what will please God.

We will live our lives, as we will make many mistakes, failure, and go through many suffering. But even when we make mistakes and fail in some areas, God has to allow it. Permission and tolerance are different. Permission is like allowance.

For example, God will say in such a way when He permits some events, “I will give permission in this area”

Tolerance is like acknowledging something in a certain area. “I know you have made mistakes and failed but do not continue, I am tolerating only up to this far. Do not continuously repeat your mistakes.”

When God tolerates certain limitation, and if you receive it and are determine to start again, you can be renewed.

Numerous servants of God did not enter the promised land such as Moses as he blew up with anger. We need to quickly realize and catch our problems with our nature, grace, holy gifts and with God’s power. We must be very thankful that God tolerates us and continuously gives us opportunities. In our lives, we must give glory to God at least once.

The students from the tribe of Masai began changing. Even after they went back to their homes made of cow dung, they carried out worship and praise in their homes. They began a prayer life in their homes and school dorms. When the evil spirits were exposed, I taught them about it. I am very thankful that I was able to carry out all the necessary teaching and ministering within the the short time and with the grace of God. In the midst of service, the people were touched by the holy fire and they were spiritually touched and renewed. People were visiting heaven and hell in the midst of the service. The evil spirits were exposed and many more things occurred. For all those marvelous things to have occurred, we had to go through faults and reach our limitation going through difficulties. God handles and trains us through such situations. We must be thankful that we are born to a great generation where we have everything. I am thankful that the Lord utilize us to preach the gospel and cast holy fire to the tribe of Masai.

When I was held the revival meeting in Uganda, I had visited heaven. In heaven, after I met Jesus, someone came to welcome me. He was a man from Uganda.

 “Welcome Pastor Kim!”

“Who are you? I have never met you. How do you know me?”

He replied, “You have built and sponsored the Ugandan orphanage. I was muslim at first and as you had ministered, I converted to a christian as I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. You had asked, ‘Raise your hand if you want to believe in Jesus!’ I raised my hand immediately.”

But after a few years, due to a chronic disease, he had passed away. But this man came to welcome me in heaven.

“Oh pastor Kim, if you had not come and ministered, I could have ended up in hell. Hallelujah, I am very thankful!”

 This Uganda man jumped around and guided us around some areas of heaven.

Every moment of our lives, every hour of our lives, you must realize how important person you are. You must realize that you are living in an important era of time. Therefore, we must not spend every moment of time recklessly. More budget was spent to Masai school building than we originally thought. Next year in May, we will build four more classrooms. They did not have enough desks and chairs, therefore, I gave money and supported them to buy one hundred more desks and chairs for middle school and high school. But the most important things is, all students must receive the power of Holy Spirit and be transformed. What can we do? Ecclesiastes 10:10(AMP) If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength; but wisdom [to sharpen the axe] helps him succeed [with less effort]. We need to always pray, have service, praise, worship and earnestly desire the power of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God. We must make our spiritual weapons sharpened. Whenever we receive a chance, we must cast fire of the Holy Spirit and do the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Then, we will bear abundant fruit. Please remember, Jesus came to us with such a purpose. Based on the good purpose of the Lord, we must be led by the Lord. Please cling onto today’s word and obtain victory.


Pastor Kim, Yong Doo

Monday, February 20, 2017

Holy Fire REVIVAL March 23rd to 26th Fremont CA Pastor Kim Yong Doo

Part 2 - A person who will receive blessing by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo

The reason why we need to experience suffering

In the background of Job’s suffering and before his suffering began, there was a conversation between God and the devil in the spiritual realm which we are not aware. Certain things will be determined within the conversation between God and the devil. When certain things are determined, it will manifest as tests in the natural realm. God allowed the devil to attack Job by taking his wealth and children. Job was also attacked through his wife and friends as much as the devil had desired. Job was not aware of God’s intention and but Job suffered with purpose. Therefore, the conclusion is that when Job had passed his tests and hardship, Job received the blessing. Your suffering and hardship may be related to your sin or it may not be related to your sin. One important thing to remember is when it comes to suffering, hardship, and tests, everyone has their own perspective. There are different views within suffering, hardship, and certain events. But, there will be some people who will react to it. When suffering and hardship begins, some people stumble and never make it to the end. But there will be some people who will pass the tests and suffering and go to the end. When suffering and difficulty comes, you will have a role to play. The power and blessing is disguised in the form of suffering. There will be power and blessing after you pass the tests and suffering. It will be great if we all can pass the test(s). In the bible, the characters in the bible had passed various tests with their faith which they had maintained within their daily lives. It is very important to maintain/keep an unshakable faith during your daily life. People are good at disguising themselves when they fellowship. But we will not know what they do when they go back to their homes. When the people go through suffering and tests, many and all things will be revealed.

All things went well and Job had served God with good faith because God was already blessing Job. But God was not satisfied with Job. This is a scary thing. You may carry out a good christian life. You may pray daily and you may even attend the nightly prayer meetings. You may have received the holy fire and you may be serving the Lord. You may have great pride of what you have been doing and granting yourself depth to it. Even if you have been serving in any way, all your services to God may not be viewed as God is viewing it. You must be quick on spotting your wrongs and sins and repenting as soon as you realize them. It is better you quickly forget what you have done for the Lord. You must remember, there will be different perspectives. God may say, “You’ve done it out of your selfish interest.”

When I was taken to the throne of God, God showed me the process of sorting out the prayers of people. I saw angels bringing many prayers to God and I thought that was the end of the process. But when the angels arrived in front of the throne of God, the angels began sorting out the prayers.

“Throw away this prayer. This prayer is suitable. This prayer is insufficient…..”

I was greatly shocked. I saw tremendous number of prayers being brought to God. But after the prayers went through the process of much sorting, in the end, a very small amount of prayers were left. Sometimes, only a tiny amount of prayer like dust was left for a certain person.

I was thinking, “What should I do?”

I can’t stop ponder about it. Sometimes, the weighing scale appears before the throne of God. Normally, it is not there in front of God’s throne but whenever people die and come to the throne of God, the weighing scale appears. When people die, they will need to step up on the weighing scale. Once a person steps on the weighing scale, all their service and work the person had done in his/her life will be revealed in precise detail. The lumps will appear. Some lumps will represent the amount of prayer time. Some lumps will represent the amount the person had witnessed. Some will represent tithing, thanksgiving offering, missionary offering, sacrificial works for the Lord, and many more lumps will appear to be weighed. Whichever represents accordingly will be weighed on the weighing scale. Those who have stolen tithes which belongs to the Lord must repent a lot. This will be the time of embarrassment. Most of time, their lumps will not be heavy enough to go down. Just because you have received Jesus and you are saved, do not stop there. When you die and go to the throne of God, eternal reward and blessing will be determined based on how you have lived on the earth. When you stand before God to be judged accordingly, all the heavenly saints will also be watching you as well.

Our bodies are only a husk. Our spirit and soul are placed within our bodies. If we do not live spiritually, the side effects will manifest and show through our mentality and physical bodies. Although, we need to live spiritually, you must not neglect the areas of you mentality and physical bodies. If you are not balanced, you will crumble down. There are things that you need to carry out spiritually but there are things that you must carry out physically. You must carry out according to each circumstance. There are things in which you need to use your body. But if you think it is always about spiritual and spiritual, you will create a distance. When it comes to the physical, you must compare yourselves to determine if you are lagging behind. You must perform better or at least not lag behind. You must at least sustain your level to their level. God will give you wisdom so that you can carry out many things according to each situation.

When God corners people with severe discipline, they tend to fall away from God. But at the same time, If God gives too much grace and lead them without much discipline, they tend to become brats. There will be times when you have to have extraordinary faith. But most of the time, depending on how you keep up with your faith in your daily life, you will either overcome and pass the tests, suffering, and tribulation or not pass. When it comes to suffering, tests, and tribulation, time is a dilemma to the people on when it will be finished. Continuous problems occur to individuals, households, and our circumstances nationally and globally. The difficulties in our lives do not stop. When will difficulties be completed? it will be finished when you have chosen and are determined. When you decisively choose with faith, the Lord will work.

There is inflexible faith and there is dynamic faith with variables. If we claim that we have faith, we must be willing to risk our lives. When we are willing to take risks, we call it faith. We always pray, worship, serve, and attend service. God is pleased as He receives it. But praying, worship, serving, attending service will not completely satisfy God’s heart. Therefore, God will allow tests in our lives. When difficulties comes into our lives, we finally shout out to God as we pray and cry. It is difficult for us to even cry when all things are going well. The tears of thanksgiving and the tears of struggle within our difficulties are totally different in quality.

I used to pray 18-20 hours. When my spiritual eyes were opened, I went to the throne of God. There was a weighing scale in front of me. I saw the amount of my prayers being weighed. I thought God was going to be very pleased with my prayer. But I witnessed the angels continuously sorting out my prayers with some type of kitchen tong. When you pray in tongue, within that prayer, there will be matters of physical, psychological, spiritual, circumstances, material, family, job, business, children, husband, wife and much more. God then sorts out the prayers that are not related to the kingdom of God. The more you pray, the more your spirit will become purified as God sorts things out. The more you pray, the more God will powerfully restore you. At the end, we pray to become empty vessels. Even if you make a lot of money, even if your household is well in all things, and even if you have obtained fame and some kind of high position, if God decides to take it all away, you will not be able to do anything to stop it. Therefore, you must empty yourselves. Before you die, make sure that you put all things in order and empty yoursleves. It is very important how much you are broken? Are you being broken wholly or partially? Do not just be satisfied because you come and attend church, serve at the church, pray, praise and worship. What is the reason why we must become broken and shattered before God? People come and serve the church in a very common way. Then only common grace will be granted to you. God will comfort you commonly. But instead of being common, God desires more and beyond. How and when will we perform and do more things beyond? When we go through suffering, trials and in the midst of life threatening like situations, something God desires that goes beyond will be created.

“Father God!! Please save and deliver me!!”

When you go through an unfair situation, you may become very upset. You want to fight back. But if you only go to God and cry out to Him, He will manifest. God corners you in such a situation because He desires the relationship that is beyond what is a common relationship. When God corners us, we will become broken. We become broken when someone continuously pushes us, provokes our personality, and touch our nerve. There are levels even when comes to becoming broken and shattered.

Job’s ten children had died. When all his children died, he is no longer praying common prayer. He prayed with tears and blood. Although he did not pray with much words, he humbly prayed.

“You give and You take away. I come to this world naked, naked I will return.”

When Job’s wife cursed and left him, exact payers came out. We live for about 70-80 years. Therefore, when you have strength and when you are still in your youth, it is best that you place all yourself in the Lord. If you are in the latter stages in your life, confess to God that you will use the rest of your life for the Lord. It will be great if you always come to the temple to pray and evangelize. You must always adjust to the will of God. In your youth and while you are still young, if you arm yourselves with prayer, you will have the faith that will give you boldness to jump into the fire and the den of lions.

No matter how hard Job tried to understand the will of God, he could not understand. It was because his understanding level was low. He did not possess the understanding which God had desired. Although, Job tried to understand the will of God, his understanding could not be obtained until all his ten children died. Therefore, God had to allow for all his children to die. But because still he could not fully obtain the level of understanding which He desired, fire fell from the sky and burn up all his wealth. Thieves came and stolen all his wealth. But still, he was not fully emptied to obtain the such understanding. Job’s wife cursed and left him. Job was placed in a horrible situation. When we are not reaching up to the level which God desires, God will allow many more years for us to go through to be disciplined. If any ounce of within us believing our own strength or righteousness, more time will be required for us to go through difficulties. The people who believe in Jesus must go through discipline and test. Through hardship, we will know God. Jesus tried to explain this to his disciples, but they could not understand.

Job was placed in a certain situation. God had desired something from Job within that situation.

“Job, I desire for you to think about your spirituality. Through the agonizing process, your spiritual level must be advanced. You have not reached the level of repenting in the midst of dust and ashes.”

In order for God to make Job an empty vessel, God handled him in such a way. We must go through intensified thought processes so that our thinking develops and matures. Job needed the deep realization and understanding when it came to his children. Therefore, God took all his children. Job needed deep realization and understanding when it comes to his overflowing wealth. Therefore, all his wealth was taken away. We must be stressed spiritually as it is God’s desire and this will make us to think,

“Why are these things happening to me?”

Our spirit will become renewed and we will boldly come before God. The motivation to pray will be created and we will repeatedly ponder and think deeply. Job had never intensively thought nor ponder about life and death. Through natural calamities and loss, He began to intensively ponder about those things. Even though he had a relationship with his friends, he was severely stressed. Painful boils and being cast out of the town worked as powerful pressure in his life. Job’s wife spoke as she tried to provoke him. She told him to curse God and die. But in order for him not to sin, he responded with silence. Job felt his limitation. Job became “human trash.” Job’s faith and life in which he walked with God were dissected into pieces before God. He still had many more days to be broken spiritually. We are not easily broken. Although it seemed like God had ignored Job, Job did not know that God was watching him intently. God watches like a spectator. God will see one thing. He will see our response or reaction. Do you think Job did suffer unfairly? Do you think Job did not have any anger, hurt and anguish? Whenever these things are created in you, God will see the sincerity of your confession, reaction, behavior, thought and the way you speak. God will observe if you are fake or genuine, and/or if you disguised with good action. God will see if you have sincerity. Not only will God observe and see you, the devil will also intently watch you. Job was handling the most difficult matters.

These things can occur unto us. We obeyed God but things went wrong. Then, how do we react before God? In Job’s case, he has no idea of cause of his events. But still, discipline came to his life all at once. When we are disciplined, little doubt and disappointment towards God may be created within us. It could have been great if God had already informed Job,

“Job, Satan and I have a bet regarding your faith and your life of faith. You know that Satan is a very mean being but still I had to allow your suffering to see how long you will be able to endure. Since I have allowed it, please endure to the end. I believe in you. The tests will include all your children’s death, taking all your wealth, suffering from painful boils, cursed by your wife who will leave you and the harassment of your friends. You must endure well.”

But God will never tell you in such a way.

Job chapter 38-40 God spoke to Job and in the beginning of chapter 40, Job 40:2-6The Voice (VOICE) Eternal One: Have you heard enough? Will the one who finds fault with the Highest One now make his case? Let God’s accuser answer Him! 3 Job answered the Eternal. 4 Job: Oh, I am so small. How can I reply to You? I’ll cover my mouth with my hand, for I’ve already said too much. 5     One time I have spoken, and I have no answer to give— two times, and I have nothing more to add.

God will never move according to your expectation. We will not know the will of God nor understand it. Whenever I prophesy and interpret your tongue, it would be great if you receive a clear answer. But most of the times, God will not give you a clear answer to you. I am not God. I only speak what God shows and inspires me. It would be great if God gives you all your answers clearly but God would not. God speaks as though your fortune will open and at the same time, it is not very clear. It would be great if God tells us the reason of our suffering and when it will end, but He only gives us signs that we have to wait. God will not waste our time of suffering. I’ve already preached to you about the person who will receive the blessing. Through the suffering process, Job’s spiritual level significantly went up. When Job passed his suffering, he received a double blessing. When he received the double blessing, his faith shone brightly and had displayed to all people. Job’s spiritual level is publically shown. God warned Job’s friends and his friends brought oxen and sheep for Job. Job now had obtained power in his mouth. If he speaks curses onto his friends, his friends will die. If you fight and argue, you might feel better, but if you endure the person and be patient God will give authority and power on your lips. Your lips will receive the authority and power to bless. Your lips will receive the authority and power to oversee people. Your lips will receive the authority and power in the spiritual and more authority and power will be given to you. Until then, we must endure and obtain victory.


Pastor Kim Yong Doo

Part 1 - A person who will receive blessing by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo

Referencing Job chapter 42

God tears up some people. In order for people to experience healing, people need to experience being torn apart. When people experience being torn apart, they will also experience restoration. It would be great if we are not tempted and tested, but in order to receive the power to overcome the test and temptation, you need to go through the tests. All the events that are occurring and that has happened in the natural world are determined prior within the spiritual world. God and the devil converses before the throne of God. Depending on the content of their conversation, God will allow the tests. The subject of the test are the people. When tests are allowed, people will die, children of certain parents will die and sickness will occur. All your wealth in which you have accumulated with your sweat and effort may be blown away all at once. Job did not know where the test had begun and when test will end. When relationships or  establishment completely go under, the relationship between your brothers, sisters and even spouses will become bad. The relationship can become broken when money or material things are involved. People may become disappointed, discouraged, and people who have never used foul language may start to use foul language. A particular husband may have great personality but when things go under, he may become an angry person. Spouses may end up living like enemies. Such things will ache the hearts of people who may go through the suffering. At first, when people go through suffering, they begin blaming each other. But as time passes, they will become humbled and sent lower.

“Perhaps, I had lived my life centered around myself. Perhaps, I was prideful and had fallen into narcissism. I thought I had lived my life according to the Word of God, but restoration has not been occurring.”

Job had lost everything and moreover, he had obtained loathsome boils and agonizingly painful sores. If you are experiencing such a situation, wouldn’t it be very difficult?

It would be great if we can predict our future. It would be great if we can already know the good result of the end. In most cases, people tend to obey only when they think they will have a good result. People tend to obey only when they are in the situation that may be predictable. But even if we are not able to predict, God will test us. God will test our pure faith, volunteered obedience, and free will in all situations. This is a very scary thing. If you are a person who is doing all types of difficult jobs, dirty jobs, and low end jobs, God will pay attention and watch you. The more you are receiving the grace of God, inspired by Him, the more difficult and awkward our relationship with our family members such as brothers, sisters and parents and neighbors will be. Just because we desire to become humble does not mean we will naturally become humble. Although, we must empty ourselves, we have a difficult time emptying ourselves. This is a very difficult process.

In order for God to make Job as an empty vessel, He had him shattered and torn apart. But still, Job was not completely emptied. Now, the house crumbled and all of his ten children were killed. Just imagine that you would have to deal with taking care of all your dead children’s corpse. Imagine all your precious children having died all at one time. When there are no problems or difficulties in our daily lives, it may look as though we are keeping our faith intact and faithfully attending church services. But once a crisis is created within our lives, problems will occur.

“Does my faith have problems? What kind of problem may I have that have killed all my ten children? Why had God allowed the devil’s proposal? Why had God listened to the devil?”

People will not know. Because people do not know and understand, they complain and blame God. Job may have had many thoughts in his mind. God had killed all of Job’s ten children when Job was in a great circumstance. Job acknowledged God’s sovereignty.

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord”

But his wife cursed. “You think you are my husband? All your children has just died!”
Job did not open his mouth for he might complain and grumble. He kept his faith. But his wife had a lower level of faith. “Curse God and die!”

When test and tribulation comes, a person’s true character will show. A person’s true colors will show. Do not be very happy and prideful just because you have overcome one small test.

If you are a person who has hard time controlling your emotion, you will fall frequently. The evil spirits that know your emotional weakness will work within a certain cycle. When that cycle comes, the evil spirits will enter into the person to provoke his/her emotional part. Satan will attack you through your nature, your style, stubbornness, blood type, your pride, your habit and so on. When this happen, you will fall at once. When you blow up with anger, you may feel released, relieved and somewhat satisfied. But such action is fleshly and lustful. For the one who sows to his flesh will reap from the flesh ruin and destruction. If you blow up with anger, you will shock and negatively impact the other party. But most of all, you will shock and negatively impact your inner spiritual area. You may have filled your spiritual empty area with the power of God, but when you blow up with anger, you will empty it out. You will shatter it all at once. Then, it will be difficult for you to fill up that inner spiritual area again. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort once again just to fill it up. When you blow up with anger and temper, and when you curse or speak foul language, you will empty out your spiritual area.

Then the devil will love the situation and will take advantage to advance his kingdom. “Yes, right! You are nothing!”

There is not only one kind of test but there are many types of tests. Galatians, Chapter five talks about it, such as, sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division,envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these. The humility of believers carries out a very important role to the other people. Do you know how important it is for us to receive the power of God? We must receive the power of God and go to the places or people to provide His power. You must be changed and transformed. But since people are not changing, their family members and the people related to them also do not change quickly.

God was determined to break Job. God had decided to make him an empty vessel. In order for Job to become an empty vessel, his ten children had to be killed. If not, Job could not have been broken and emptied. Moreover, Job had to lose all his wealth in order for God to put Job in a posture of repentance of dust and ashes. When we are living comfortable lives, our only prayer will be thanksgiving prayer and hallelujah. We need to possess a contrite heart and pray the broken contrite prayer. But normally, such kind of prayer is not carried out by christians. Do not debate about the method of God and do not look for the method of God. But instead, however God may lead you, just follow Him with complete obedience, complete faith, and complete endurance. No matter how hard Job cried out, God turned His eyes from Job.

When the Son of God, Jesus prayed on the olive grove of Gethsemane, He went on a little farther and bowed with his face to the ground, praying, “My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Father God had ignored the suffering of Jesus. Why? Because Jesus had to suffer and die in order for the many souls to be saved in the future. It is the same with Job. God was determined to make Job as a good example of healing, restoration, blessing and in the all other areas. God made Job go through the experience of taking a piece of broken pottery with which to scrape himself. But still, Job was still not completely emptied.

When Job’s level of faith and knowledge reached his climax, his friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar visited him. These friends are in the level in which they were able to debate about faith, prayer, the whole universe and creation. Although, these friends came to comfort Job, they had ended up arguing with Job. Job may have understood where they were going with the argument. The words from his friends had continuously left him with hurt.

Job told them to stop. “Please, do not harass me. Even if what you're saying is right, please do not pierce me with such words. I do not want to argue with you. I am in agony.”

But still, his friends persistently spoke to him. It would have been nice if God had intervened and judged who were right or wrong. But God would never interfere by intervening in the middle of their conversation.  

When we carry out the work of the Lord, have some kind of conversation and may have some conflict as we serve Him, the Lord knows who is right and who is wrong. But the Lord does not really express it. God will be patience to the end. The vindication comes with the answer. Job had still not reached the position of repenting in dust and ashes. Job was suffering from the painful boils but he had not reached the position of dust and ashes. Job did not reach the level of complete repenting of his pride. All of Job’s children had died. All his wealth were taken away. His own wife had cursed and left him. Job had obtained painful boils. Although he had obtained a message such as “When He has tried me, I shall come forth as refined gold [pure and luminous]”, yet, he had not reached the level of faith where he was repenting in dust and ashes.

When it comes to faith, preaching the Word of God, listening to the Word of God, obeying and serving the Lord, there is a level. When Job’s wife had left him, God ignored Job. Even when Job scraped his skin with a piece of broken pottery and a dog licked his body, God had ignored Job. God continued to drive him into further crisis. God decided to drive him to the very end. Job was thrown into God’s laboratory. We need to know one thing. The believer’s devotion, determination, and humility plays very important role to the unbelievers. If one person, such as you endures and is patient, you will become a good example to countless of people. Therefore, you need to endure and withstand. The blessing will not come easy.

As Job was in the process of breaking, he had finally reached the position of dust and ashes. Later on, God powerfully spoke to Job in a whirlwind and demanded him to answer. Job trembled. We, people, are filthy beings with full of sins. Therefore, when you are alive on the earth, and as young as you are, and with healthy bodies moving freely, you must be loyal and faithful as much as you can. In reality, you have no time to waste.

Job said, “You asked, Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorance?”
It is I—and I was talking about things I knew nothing about, things far too wonderful for me.”

After Job had heard the voice of God, he was able to see himself. This is why we need to receive the grace of God. The more you receive grace, the more you will be thirsty. No matter how much you have received grace, you need to receive more. You need to listen to the Word of God repeatedly. Even if you need to listen over a hundred of times, you still need to listen and listen.  Job heard the voice of the Lord but in the end, he personally saw the Lord and confessed. Job voluntarily repented. He repented in dust and ashes.

When we pray, we powerfully pray and receive the power of God to carry out His work. But in IHOP, they insist that they are praying when they lay on the floor on their stomachs and back. Actually they were sleeping. When they woke up from sleeping, they claim that they prayed a lot with the grace of God. This is not so. When it comes to prayer, there are postures. You must receive the power within the relationship between God and you. One of the posture is to be on your knees and ask as you pray. One other posture is to raise your hands and cry out to God. Based on our experience, on our knees and raise our hands as we powerfully shout out in prayer. We have realized that this was the best prayer posture. The Lord sees and observes our attitude and posture of our prayer. After Job became humbled and repented in dust and ashes, God finally restored his finances, health, and all circumstances to his life. God had blessed Job. The financial blessing was especially granted greatly . Job was restored to a double portion from the things he had before he was struck by God.

Job’s faith, relationship with people, and all his circumstances were all tested and trained. From the outside, it may have looked like his life was over without hope. But after Job was restored, he lived for another one hundred forty years more with the financial blessing and with new beautiful sons and daughters. As I was reading this story, it is possible that there could be a time where you do not have to go through more testing and training after passing a certain amount and types of test. Even on this earth, you will be able to live a life of the golden age in blessings. God manifests to those who pass their tests. Job’s friends misunderstood and had condemned him.

God then told Job’s friends, “Give seven oxen and seven sheep to Job. If not, I will punish you!”

God probably had scared them. Job blessed his friends afterwards. When Job blessed his friends, a double portion blessing and good things were granted to him. Every kind of blessing began from the family of Job.

When the blessing is poured down to us, we must think and ponder why are the blessings being poured.

“God’s blessing has poured down to me, why?”

When you go to a gold or diamond mine, you will find gold or diamond in a rough form. It means it is mixed with other substances. Rough form is not valuable. Mixed materials are not valuable. When the craftsman handles gold and diamond, they will begin to break them. The craftsman will throw the rough gold into a blazing fire and the craftsman will break the rough diamond. When we go through the fire and breaking, it is very difficult for us. But once the rough gold and diamond are finally created into a golden ring, golden necklace, golden bracelet or into a diamond ring, these will brightly shine. Job represents a person of endurance and Abraham represents a person of faith. When people go to heaven, they all want to meet them.

When we pass our tests, God will express Himself to us with material/financial blessing which we can see. God expresses Himself with spiritual and also with physical things. When you are in discipline or testing, be very careful of not becoming prideful. Pride is the one that you must be most fearful of. If you are a person who is not afraid of sin or disobedience, what will happen? The outcome and result is obvious. When you pass the tests and are properly prepared, God will not be concerned of you becoming corrupted. Another example is that, when Abraham passed the most severe and difficult test, which was to offer his son, Isaac. Then all things went well for the rest of his life. When Job had properly passed the tests and became a person which God had desired to bless, all types of blessing were granted. No matter how much God granted His blessings to Job, God did not have to be concerned anymore whether Job would become corrupted or not. This is the level we all must reach. We must become a person whom God does not have to be concerned of becoming corrupted.

“No matter how much blessing I may grant to you, I do not have to be concerned of you becoming corrupted. I see that your faith is alive. You may be wealthy but you still have pure and living faith. You have a contrite heart. You have a pity for the people who are in need. You are always generous to the people who are in need. You are living spiritually and with faith.”

When God approves in such a way, God will pour down His blessings upon you. When it comes to the spiritual, the physical things and the power of God, if you are a properly prepared person, God will grant all these things to you without being too concerned if you will become corrupted or not. God will surely bless you. You must teach your husband, wife and children to become a such person.  But in most of case, people are not properly prepared. Their faith level has not reached such a level. People are irritated by someone’s word and their personality is easily provoked which is still far from God’s standard level of faith. What if this person speaks something to provoke you, how will you react when such a person is a lower faith than you and in all areas from your faith? How will you act if someone frames, blames, or wrongs you for what you have not done?. We live by faith and we live spiritually, therefore, we are exposed to many tests. We are exposed to sudden tests and events.

God expresses Himself with the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of the holy fire, and the nine holy gifts. But when you observe the final result of Job, God also expressed with physical and material things which we can visualize and experience. To whom does God express in such a manner? They are the people who passes their tests. Job vividly experienced the physical blessing and the blessing of wealth. He also lived for another one hundred and four years. Job lived in the same era as Abraham. Job lived in the region of Arab. God also has an intimate relationship with us as He answers us with material things. The people who pray a lot and live spiritually need to be careful about one thing. Do not only think and focus on the spiritual things. Do not misunderstand God by His only work spiritually. God will manifest an intimate relationship with us through the material things as well. God will touch us with not only spiritual but also with physical blessings. When Job spoke the blessing to his friends, the double blessing comes back to Job. This was Job’s proven faith. When Job blessed the people around him, double blessing returned to him. Job enjoyed his golden age.  After Job had become bankrupt, and after he had passed his test, we can come to realize that the christians who claim to believe in Jesus and who live in a poverty are not in a state of blessing. But do not misinterpret this. Do not just proclaim and teach on the altar by saying, “Receive blessing, receive blessing just blessing!” You will probably become a fake in the end. Just because you speak and proclaim does not mean it will all come to pass although there is power in the proclamation. Because it involves with the level of faith and the good living standard level of your lives. It will be great if whatever we proclaim always comes to pass. The person who proclaim needs to reach a certain level of faith. Please cling onto today’s word and I pray that all of you will obtain victory in this year with the power of the Lord. Please know that God will touch us in various ways.


Pastor Kim, Yong Doo