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Monday, May 14, 2018

King Saul blows it again!

Why did you not obey the voice of the Lord, but [instead] swooped down on the plunder [with shouts of victory] and did evil in the sight of the Lord ?” Saul said to Samuel, “I have obeyed the voice of the Lord, and have gone on the mission on which the Lord sent me, and have brought back Agag the king of Amalek, and have completely destroyed the Amalekites. But the people took some of the spoil, sheep and oxen, the best of the things [that were] to be totally destroyed, to sacrifice to the Lord your God at Gilgal.”
1 Samuel 15:19-21 

We see in chapter 13, King Saul took authority upon himself crossing the line to sacrifice burnt and peace offerings due to his fear and what he saw occurring within his physical circumstances during the battle against the Philistines.

Now we see in chapter 15, King Saul disobeys God’s instructions due to his pride and for the approval of men. He was told to totally destroy the Amalekite nation including all people and animals. Yet, he responds with a very familiar excuse in which many Christians still use today.
“I did obey.”

It is like a Christian saying that they had fulfilled their calling or duty. They did get many saved. They did become a pastor, minister, deacon, worship singer, and such. They did go to church. They did pray, read, and so forth. They did fast! Yet, within that context, the reality is they did not do exactly as God had instructed. They spend much of their lives in ministry or church but still like King Saul, lived a sad unfulfilled life.

Their definition of obedience is that they had obeyed because they did act upon it and performed a majority of the instructions. But this type of obedience is considered disobedience. As a result, King Saul was told since he had rejected God’s instruction now he was rejected as king. His mission as king had ended.

Although, King Saul was told the Kingdom was taken away from him, he reigned for 40 years overall. Through his life and even though God gave him victory for the sake of God’s people and for God’s glory, King Saul lived a life full of jealousy, bitterness, fear of losing approval from men, and fear of losing his position and authority. He went after David’s life which today can represent carnal or disobedient Christians going after spiritual Christians.

Many Christians can live a life thinking they had worked for God as God works in their lives. But what are your fruit? Are you disobeying and feeding your idols like King Saul or are you like King David after God’s heart? There are not many who are like David after God’s Heart. How determined really are you?

In the end, King Saul fell on his own sword and killed himself during battle. God had taken his life.

King Saul blows it!

Samuel said to Saul, “You have acted foolishly; you have not kept the commandment of the Lord your God, which He commanded you, for [if you had obeyed] the Lord would have established your kingdom over Israel forever. 14 But now your kingdom shall not endure. The Lord has sought out for Himself a man (David) after His own heart, and the Lord has appointed him as leader and ruler over His people, because you have not kept (obeyed) what the Lord commanded you.”
1 Samuel 13:13-1

It appears this BIG test came at the beginning for Saul. When Saul was anointed, he was told by Samuel to wait for him at Gilgal so that Samuel can make the burnt and peace offerings.
But with soldiers scattering and out of fear, Saul forced authority upon himself. He stepped out of boundary. He had crossed the line.

The pouring of the anointing oil on Saul can represent the calling. The calling is given to him. Right afterwards, Saul was given a big victory against the Ammonites in chapter 11. This represents a taste in power and anointing.

This pattern is very familiar. Many Christians can receive a calling or anointing and immediately possess and express power to heal, cast demons out, experience supernatural events. Although power was given, authority still had belonged to Samuel. Prophet or priest Samuel possessed the authority to offer burnt and peace offerings unto the Lord. King Saul had his role and Samuel had his part.
The Bible says that from Abraham many kings will come from his descendants. But even King Saul was under covering and authority of Samuel. Within the church, There are many “kings and queens” of God operating but they all still need to be under covering, authority, and church order.

Saul blew his test. Rather than submitting to Samuel’s instruction, out of fear from the circumstances, he took authority upon himself to obtain God’s favor. As a result, he was rejected and replaced. Sadly, this is the norm within mainstream Christianity as many do not understand authority and order.
Even in all the churches, people may try to seek opportunities to take authority and position by forcing it upon themselves when they do not have that privilege or authority. When you see God keep taking you to the back of the line, I hope you see the wisdom.

Pastor Steve

Monday, April 30, 2018

Phony Prophets

Matthew 7:15-20 “15 Constantly be on your guard against phony prophets. They come disguised as lambs, appearing to be genuine, but on the inside they are like wild, ravenous wolves! 16 You can spot them by their actions, for the fruits of their character will be obvious. You won’t find sweet grapes hanging on a thorn bush, and you’ll never pick good fruit from a tumbleweed. So if the tree is good, it will produce good fruit; but if the tree is bad, it will bear only rotten fruit and it deserves to be cut down and burned. 20 Look at the obvious fruit of their lives and ministries, and then you’ll know whether they are true or false.”
How are phony false prophets discerned?
‭‭verse 16 states that you can spot them by their actions. “You won’t find find sweet grapes hanging on a thorn bush.”
Thorn bush and weed in the Bible can be represented with worries and concerns of the world rather than the fruit of the spirit. Such false prophets draws people or a ministry using fear, emotions, and hysteria to trap people. As ravenous wolves, they seek, and there are an abundant types of these people, a people who are living defeated, destitute, unable to overcome, and desperate people who want the world to end so their miserable lives can end and they can hurry up and go to heaven rather than doing the Will of God.
“You’ll never pick good fruit from a tumbleweed.” What is a tumbleweed? They are dried up round dead branches rolling across country highways. They are false prophets whose lives are dried out, broke, family messed up, own lives messed up, never have overcome anything, and self appointed looking for miserable people to say “God saith!”
How can a messed up life help another messed up life? How can a homeless person help another homeless person get back on their feet? By the way, many self proclaimed prophets are homeless and jobless.
I ask my church, if you can really hear God, then why is your life so messed up? That is the million dollar question for these self proclaimed “prophets.”
They are not experiencing blessings but curses. That is the fruit you need to discern. Are they blessed bearing fruit of the Spirit or cursed and bearing fruit of bad things?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

God's ways are higher

Mark 7:33-34 tpt So Jesus led him away from the crowd to a private spot. Then he stuck his fingers into the man’s ears and placed some of his saliva on the man’s tongue. Then he gazed into heaven, sighed deeply, and spoke to the man’s ears and tongue, “Ethpathakh,” which is Aramaic for “Open up, now!”
Many Christians expect to be healed like Naaman who wanted to be dipped in the rivers of the upper class rather than the common river. But in order to be healed, Naaman has to go dip himself in the Jordan river which was where many commoners used. In fact, he may have looked foolish to himself as he dipped himself seven times as he was high class ranking officer.
In order for the deaf/mute person to be healed, he had to have an open heart and mind desperate enough to allow Jesus to do what appeared to be strange. Jesus stuck his fingers in the man’s ears and put his salvia on his tongue.
Both Naaman and the deaf/mute man had to put down their pride and try something different. It was a test of obedience. Our obedience no matter how strange or ridiculous it may appear may lead us to the healing and deliverance.
When God says His ways and thoughts are higher, you must expect Him to come in a direction you are not looking and watch for God to do things you are not expecting. Your own thinking of how HE should come and do are your own thinking within your own boxes. Unless you can come out of your boxes, you may miss Him when HE is near.
Pastor Steve

God is a consuming Fire

Isaiah 6:2 EXB "Heavenly creatures of fire [L Seraphim; C the word means “burning ones” and points to purity, power, or judgment] ·stood above [or attended] him [Rev. 4:6–9]. Each creature had six wings: It used two wings to cover its face [C as a shield from God’s awesome glory] , two wings to cover its ·feet [or body; C indicating humility; “feet” can be a euphemism for genitals] , and two wings for flying."
We have heard that a Seraphim is an angel. But to expand on this definition a seraphim means “burning ones” and points to purity, power, or judgment.
God is a consuming Fire. On Mount Sinai, HE spoke in the midst of Fire. Elijah said let the real God answer with Fire.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

First be passionate

“If you want to test my teachings and discover where I received them, first be passionate to do God’s will, and then you will be able to discern if my teachings are from the heart of God or from my own opinions.”
‭‭John‬ ‭7:17‬ ‭TPT‬‬
Even today and through the generations, many cannot discern the move of God as they themselves are lethargic to doing His Will. Until you come to full surrender, your own fear, self center motive/heart, goals, and ideas/opinions will prevent you from seeing the truth.
What is full surrender? Can you uproot and relocate? Can you give up your jobs/business? Can you move away from your families? Do you have to wait until your children graduate from college before taking a risk with God? Do you have to wait until you retire before you fully commit to God? Are you not able to take any risk with God? Are you afraid of what people may say if you seek God outside the box? Can you start something with God with little or no money? As the Bible says, when HE returns, will HE find faith?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Before our church

Back in 2009, before God made us pastors and gave us a church, HE spoke to me and said, "Do not become corrupted! Do not become deceived! Do not fall away!"
I had asked HIM why are you telling me this? HE didn't answer but my prayers have always been to this day for HIM to help me that I do not become corrupted, deceived, or fall away.
The road to home is very narrow. The passion and desperation in which we first experience begins to dissipates as things get better. The Fear of God and First Love dissipates. I been thinking why does it dissipates.
The bible alway reminds us, "Do not forget what God has done how HE got us out of Egypt. Do not forget what how HE had rescued us! Always teach your children!"
As our lives become better, we must always choose to live desperately for HIM. We live in finite physical time and a choice made looks like it is good for the future but eternity requires us to choose each day and every day to stay in First Love and the Fear of the Lord. We can always crush on the last lap. Do not take HIS grace for granted. Live a life fully surrendered to HIM. Is your life centered around HIM or around your own?