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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Before our church

Back in 2009, before God made us pastors and gave us a church, HE spoke to me and said, "Do not become corrupted! Do not become deceived! Do not fall away!"
I had asked HIM why are you telling me this? HE didn't answer but my prayers have always been to this day for HIM to help me that I do not become corrupted, deceived, or fall away.
The road to home is very narrow. The passion and desperation in which we first experience begins to dissipates as things get better. The Fear of God and First Love dissipates. I been thinking why does it dissipates.
The bible alway reminds us, "Do not forget what God has done how HE got us out of Egypt. Do not forget what how HE had rescued us! Always teach your children!"
As our lives become better, we must always choose to live desperately for HIM. We live in finite physical time and a choice made looks like it is good for the future but eternity requires us to choose each day and every day to stay in First Love and the Fear of the Lord. We can always crush on the last lap. Do not take HIS grace for granted. Live a life fully surrendered to HIM. Is your life centered around HIM or around your own?

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