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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Self Pity and self victimization

Self pity and self victimization appears to go hand and hand. Too many Christians define their identity based on their past, hurts, abuse, old life, mistakes, failures, blaming others, regrets, and the wrong weaknesses. Their eyes and focus are still on themselves. They are the continuous victims looking for others to sympathize and comfort them. Moreover, they are also continuously seeking others to bring down to their level of misery. Rather than realizing they are wretched sinners who need salvation, they tend to blame others including God for all the things that have gone wrong in life.

Christians however need to identify themselves as a new creation in Christ who are able to do all things through Him. Your identity is in Him and what HE has done for you. Genuine faith comes to a realization that they were wretched sinners who now have been saved by Grace and a Great Love. Such Christians, rather, than making excuses for their lack of obedience will seek to please the One who has found and chosen them. Our new identity should now be in glorifying our King with grateful hearts. It’s time to move on with life.

Self pity is not worshipping God. Self pity and self victimization is worship of one self. It is the focus of oneself and therefore the self is an idol and they are their own king or queen.

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