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Monday, May 22, 2017

Is God your center?

Nehemiah 8:2-3 Ezra the priest did as they asked, bringing God’s law to Israel. The community included both men and women—anyone who was able to understand was welcomed. This gathering took place on the first day of the seventh month. 3 Facing the people in the square, next to the water gate, he began to read excerpts. The document was massive, and just reading parts took him six or seven hours, from daybreak until noon. Everyone who was there heard him: men, women—anyone with the ability to understand. As he read, they were focused and listened carefully to the book of the law.
When God's people had returned to Him from exile, the book of the law was read in front of the people for many hours. In fact, it was read from night to noon.
As individuals, when we return to Him and as we get our lives in order for Him, we need to be spending hours of our time in His Word and in prayer rather than being just Sunday or part time Christians and continuing our old way of life in sin and living as secular Christians.
The returning Jews did not know God's ways and law. As they had lived in exile, they had to learn what they did wrong and bring proper order. Today is no different, many Christians live lives of spiritual exile within the world. They do know a certain degree of sin they are living in but still they are ignorant of His laws and commandments for a holy living. As spiritual exiled Christians, many today live empty lives. Yes, they may go to church or they may go to church here and there, but their lives are empty regardless of their wealth, health, and families.
The exiled Jews were gone so long from Jerusalem that they did not know the rituals nor the prescribed ways of holding the feasts and days. Today, although we live in the age of grace, many Christians break God's laws in tithing, 4th commandment, live sinful lives, have not read the whole bible even though it is everywhere, and etc.
Our label as Christians will not allow us to enter heaven. We must be born again Christians who have the faith to overcome the world. If we are Christians, then we must do what the title says. A professional football player does what he is called to do. He practices for hours and hours to be a football player. As a professional Christian, our time must be to spend hours and hours in Him with the Word and prayer. God must be the center of our lives. Everything we do should reflect Him.
May we return to Him as a true people of God.

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